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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Birthday Celebration

Eve of my Birthday

Rein and I shopped at Sunstreet and we waited for hubby to arrive. I have no idea that he's going to buy me a gift, as I've said to him that we should allot the money for Rein's 1st bday, but he insisted since I'm turning 30 and it was kind of a reward for me. So, he bought the bag (It was nice and big, better so I could place my baby stuff) and a wallet.

After that, we had dinner at Koboshi Ramen House, our favorite place for Ramen. It was so delicious! Didn't have a nice spot since the place was kinda small. We came home right after dinner and hubby was singing a birthday song for me, he was teaching Rein to greet me.

12 midnight struck, they greeted me and we celebrated it with a blast (literally!). It was a lovely night for us as we slept past 2 am. I got a missed call from Yen (Albert's wifey) but she thought I'm sleeping already and didn't want to disturb us.

On the day of my Birthday

From morning to mid afternoon, I was playing with Rein and preparing for our mother-daughter treat, since hubby will be available after office hours. I continued to receive text and email messages from my family and friends. I was so happy that they remembered my birthday.

We left our house past 3pm and went straight to K!T (mall). It's my tradition to buy a gift for Baby Rein every year as she is the most priceless gift I got. It was her bonding time again with me and the other kids who were there.

Around 630 pm. We took the train to Roppongi. I was a bit disoriented on our way as I took the wrong exit at Akihabara. But then again, I was able to find the Tokyo Metro (Subway) off we went to Roppongi to meet hubby.

We had a spooky dinner at Tony Romas, the place was decorated with Halloween stuff. We were seated beside two groups of American tourists who were so amused with Rein. Rein opened my gift and she played with it.

Image hosted by

We ordered our favorite food. Potato soup, cheese sticks, buffalo wings, fries and of course, the famous original baby back ribs. Hubby was a bit disappointed with the servings as he compared it to Bangkok and the U.S.

We left before 10 pm. Rein got a red balloon which I put on her wrist. I didn't realize that I left Rein's new toy until we got home. Hubby called the resto and luckily it was there and he'll pick it up on Monday.

Dear God

Image hosted by

LO and Overlay by SR
Circle text by SOTB

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Photo Mosaic

Click Picture for a Detailed Look
Halloween Party in Bangkok 2003 and 2004

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rein's First Halloween Party on Monday

I asked Iona for a schedule of the Halloween Party for babies and kids, It was a short notice because I was hesitant if Rein could make it. Although she doesn't know the concept of the event yet, I decided that it will be nice for her to experience the trick or treat activities that we usually did in Bangkok. There will be pumpkin carving, magics, and a lot more. It's fully-booked already and I'm glad that she accomodated us even with a very short notice. The place will be packed with expats from all over the world plus the japanese mums.

Now, I have to find a pumpkin costume for Rein. I'm still thinking of what she's gonna wear. We'll definitely enjoy the party.

Watch out for pictures and stories.

Confession of a First Time Mum

Being a Mum is something I look forward to, believe me. I enjoy and love nursing my baby. Living abroad is kinda hard especially if you have a baby to take care of and household chores to do everyday. No yaya and maid for that matter. I admit I miss the corporate world. But I chose to stay at home with my baby to teach her, see and be the first one to witness the milestones in her life. And besides, she'll only pass this stage once and I want to guide her and not miss any single moment.

Though, as a Mum I have my share of irritability and impatience. Just this evening as I'm preparing for our dinner, Rein was constantly crying and was holding on to my right leg. I was so annoyed and shouted at her to stay away from me for awhile, she cried loudly when I shouted and made me stop preparing food.

I was exhausted when hubby arrived. I was so tired and worned-out. My patience is getting shorter. I know some of you can relate to me. We're Mums, we're not superwomen who could just take everything and don't get furious for a while. I'm not like Bree (from Desperate Housewives) either who is composed no matter what. I'm a first time mum who is new on this parenting thingie.

(I was kissing my baby when i cooled down and whispered how sorry I am for shouting, a drama-mum strikes back).

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Really Turning a New Leaf

I've been waiting for the right moment to change the design of my site. I told hubby that as part of my growing stage, I'lI change it before I hit the big 3-0. It took me less than 2 hours to finally complete it. There will be some changes in the next few days, being an OC I would like to make everything perfect. I have qualms in changing it since I wasn't sure that the new design will work for the site.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Happy Birthday Judee and Beth! ( 1 wk 2go)

It's been a year now since we celebrated our birthdays together at The Landmark Hotel in Bangkok. It was a romantic dinner with the Sisterettes and their families at the top floor. It was sad though since almost half of the Sisterettes went back to Manila. This year I'll celebrate it with my hubby and li'l princess. Hope this year brings more happiness, health and love for both of us.

Celebrate Essential by GC-DDE
MA Sexy

Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Shaky Mexican Dinner

Taco shell (12 pcs)
Medium (spicy) Taco Sauce
Ground Beef (cooked w/ a dash of garlic and onion)
Cheddar Cheese

I prepared Tacos for dinner. It was a bit difficult because I was feeding Rein and she doesn't want me to leave. But I've got to finish cooking the ground beef, so I put her down on the floor. Everyday is a challenge for me especially when cooking because Rein is always at my side. Finally, I'm done with the beef, shredded cheese and cabbage. Everything was almost done before hubby arrived. I was hungry so hubby filled up the taco shell, the shell wasn't crunchy, of course, it needs to be toasted but since I'm hungry I told him that I'll eat it.

Then, earthquake strikes again with 6.4 magnitude (based on the USGS) before 9PM. It was stronger than Sunday's quake. I got up with Rein and I asked hubby to get our backpack (with important documents) and we stayed near the front door and unlocked the knobs. We didn't realize that we put some taco shells in the oven. Good thing it wasn't burned.

Anyway, I don't want to drag you on our shaky dinner. We binged on a lip smacking tacos. Can't wait for another round of tacos next week while watching the MLB.

Could it be the Cardinals or Astros going up against the White Sox for the world series?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

30 Facts About MrsG That Makes Me Fall Head Over Heels For Her

Lively personality
Incredibly funny
Loves to eat
Insists she's only 28
Extremely talented
Hates pretentious people
Sings to her heart's content
Always mindful of others
Never backs out from a fight
Topnotch chef
Sweet as honey
Great wife and mom
God fearing
Outstanding fashionista
Laughs at my jokes
Lives life to the fullest
Obsessive compulsive
Vast knowledge on kikay stuff
Excellence is always her goal
Young at heart
She completes me
Our memorable escapades

These are only a few of the things that make me such a lucky guy to have you as my wife. In a few days you'll be turning 30 :) I'm pretty sure this list will continue to grow together with us. Love you so much -- MrG

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hold my Hand...

Again, this was taken this morning. I'm getting sentimental with my shots. Weather is still bad.

A Special Moment....

Taken this morning, while she was sleeping.

Dancing Princess

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Remembering Dad...

Last night, I dreamed of my dad. It was so real and I was still absorbing every details of it. So I thought of writing this to remember how happy I was and how I wanted to be with him again.

Here it goes:

The whole family was home. I was teasing my brother (the older of the two) and he was so "pikon" so he told dad about it. Dad came and asked why, then he laughed at him and made face. We then gave each other a high-five and my brother walked out on us. Dinner came and we were all having fun, he was cracking jokes and so did we. Mom was asking us to stop but the laugh and giggle didn't stop.

Bedtime came and my brother went to my room and asked something. I wanted him to get mad at me, so I teased him again, this time he said he'll punch me if I don't stop. Dad was making fun of us, he stayed in my room for a while. It was a time for bonding between father and daughter.

End here...

It was hard not to have a father at home. I miss a lot of things about him. Though he spent most of his time abroad, he made sure that when he went home he would spend quality time with us. I must admit that during those times I wasn't keen to see him everyday because he was so strict and wants us to get up early in the morning to clean the house or go to church together. Weekends were the only time that I could sleep late and get up mid afternoon.

He's a quiet type. His way of discipline is different. I never saw my parents fight in front of us. They would always go to their room. Never did I see him hit my mother and say hurtful words. Both of them tried to give us a good education. They sent us to private school from primary to college. They made us realized that though we were not rich, we were rich in values and education.

Dad knows how to pamper me with lavish gifts from perfumes to bags. He never forgot to send me something for my birthday or when he goes home from abroad. I can still recall every gift he sent. Grade 4 when I started using perfume and since then i became familiar with Estee Lauder, Dior, Chloe and Nina Ricci. I've never heard of some perfumes that he gave me but when a classmate of mine from high school saw it, she said it was famous and quite expensive. Then I stopped wearing it everyday. hehehehe....

I just wish I spent more time with him, and showed him how I love him so much. God has his reason why he took him away from us at such a young age (he just turned 40). I'm certainly sure that it taught us some of life's valuable lessons.

Love you Dad... I will always love you!

Rein's Autumn Style

It was easy for her to smile when she see the camera. But It was hard for us to keep her hat on.

LO and Elements: SBB
Font: Saginaw
Dress: Gift from Tita Adora
Cap: Gift from Ninong Louie

Friday, October 14, 2005

Top 10 things to do before you reach 30

1. Drive an expensive sports car, or rent it. Life is a journey and we should all enjoy the ride. Drive in style though. I remember my hubby who planned to rent a Ferrari when he was in the US.

2. Date against your type. Try dating someone you don't like physically, you might be surprised and it may lead to something deeper. Enjoy your dates and don't ruin it by texting someone while having dinner and letting him pay the bill (been there, done that) unless you want to make a statement.

3. Travel alone. Try to save some money for a trip. It depends on your persona. It could be on a beach or some places with lots of culture. Or, if you haven't explored your country, try to visit some cool places. You'll be amazed what a wonderful country you have. Plan your trip and look for a not-so expensive hotel unless you have the money to splurge.

My husband enjoys his trips abroad. It broadens his horizons as he said.

People say, your 20's is the time to live the stories that you'll be telling for the rest of your life.

4. Live on your own. Get a place somewhere near the capital if you could afford or somewhere trendy.

5. Drink and be Merry. This is something I've done in my 20's. Got drunk and work the next day. It was a nice experience on my 20 something years. Some would say it's a cool experience but for other people who don't drink nor smoke it's a pathetic thing to do. Well, if you're planning to drink a lot, do it when you're young and when people won't look at you as if you're a loser coz you're 50 or something.

6. Get your dream job. Most people are afraid of changing the direction of their careers. Some would end up changing when they're in their 30's. Figure out what you want in life and go get it. A major turn-around on my career happened when I was 25.

7. Be physically involved. Do Yoga or Pilates and tone your body. Who knows, you'll end up with a cool buddy and gain more friends. I used to go to Slimmer's World in Makati, after a hard day at work, usually I got home past 10 pm.

8. Have dinner with your parents. Make sure you pay the bill. During Mom's vacation, we usually took her out for lunch or dinner, She loves the Caesar Salad at TGIF. It made me so proud paying the bills and I saw how proud she was that I was able to stand on my own two feet.

9. Do charity work. There are a lot of orgs, you can contact them. It feels good that you can help without asking something in return.

10. Go Extreme! Climb or Sail. I had my very first scuba dive in my mid 20's and I must admit I was scared to death. But when you go down under the sea, it is such a wonderful experience. Hubby got his first Skydive in the US and tried it again in Australia. This is something I look forward to. Doing a tandem with him in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. We both experienced parasailing in Bali, five minutes G-Max ride (reverse bungee jumping) in Singapore and Turbo Drop in Hongkong.

I have to admit, I had so much fun in my 20's. I've Explored, Learned and Grew as a person. Time is ticking and as much as I wanted to stop time, I can't. I'm nearing the last days of my twenty something years.

My Advice:

Enjoy your 20's while you can. Explore, Learn and Grow. Don't regret the things you've done, be brave enough to face the world. Believe and trust in yourself. The next chapter brings much appreciation when you look back. Hop in and take the ride. My next chapter will revolve around my family and the things I want to do in my life personally.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

29 and Counting (My twenty Something Years....)

Age 20 - Year 1995 (Most Stressful Year)

Dad passed away last June due to a car accident. Our car was badly hit and he was pronounced dead on arrival. Mom flew from Taipei to Manila to attend the burial and left days after.

Became closer to my siblings and acted as their Mom, Dad and Ate. My Brother, next after me, was 18 and the other one was 11 and our youngest sister was 9. My grandparents stayed with us.

A month or so after my birthday, my long time BF broke up with me. Again, it added up to my very stressful life. Being naive in this arena, I asked him why? There goes the famous line " It's not your fault, it's me"

A sad Christmas losing love ones.

Age 21 - Year 1996 (College Days)

I managed to maintain good grades. It was a challenging phase in my life dealing with the loss of two important men in my life.

Busiest time in my college life Thesis, some paper works from major subjects and submission of request for OJT. I spent most of my time in the library. I also went to another university for a cross-enrolled subject.

Attended the 10th year Anniversary concert of Side A band at Cuneta Astrodome. The place was jam-packed. I still have vivid memories of the songs they played, Joey Benin sung "Set you Free" and I was crying again. The song was so perfect for me as i recalled.

Age 22 - Year 1997 (School and Work)

OJT at MMH for 700 Hours.

My Brother (the older of the two) joined my mom in Taipei. It was a crucial decision for him.

Landed my first job with MD at 6750, Makati before graduation day. Had a lot of bloopers on my first day of work, one of which was the Hello Kitty bag that I used to carry.

My Grandma and two of my siblings attended the graduation ceremony. Mom and siblings surprised me with a graduation party and got me a present.

Tried my luck in another company and when they accepted me, I immediately resigned at MD and joined ATG-AOD.

Got my very first paycheck and bought an Esprit bag, jewelries, dined out with my siblings at Max's and gave them some money.

Value of money was the favorite line of my mom because I started collecting bags and wallets from my paychecks.

Age 23 - Year 1998 (Work and Pleasure)

Enjoying my work, got new friends and usually hanged out every weekend at Makati or Malate.

Drink till you drop and smoke till you die...

Spent most of my Sundays with my siblings either lunch out or dinner, shopping and attending Sunday mass.

Love attending Valentine Concerts

Going out on a date (I dated a lot but i can't seem to find the one)

Send me one line.... whoever you are (my famous line)

Age 24 - Year 1999(Reflection)

My favorite cousin who I love so much, passed away.

Traveled domestic for business trip (it's so nice to see the beautiful beaches around the Philippines).

Went to Dos Palmas in Palawan to reflect about how I lived my life.

Scuba diving for the 1st time.

Age 25 - Year 2000(Career Change)

Moved to I.T. Department.

Applied for a US Visa before my birthday.

Went to Pangasinan with my Barkada right after I got the result of my visa application.

Met a lot of people along the way.

December when hubby decided to meet up with me. He fetched me at the Asian Institute of Management. And the story begins.

He spent most of the time abroad, it was a long distance relationship but we managed to survive. Thanks to modern technology.

Age 26 - Year 2001(The Engagement)

Went back to Dos Palmas, but this time with hubby. Pigged-out on very delicious food.

It was June when he proposed in Tagaytay and I accepted it .

Before he picked me up from work, he went to the Shrine of Jesus church and asked the priest to bless the engagement ring.

Started planning for our Big Day.

He decided to stay in the Philippines and moved to Globe Telecom to be with me for the wedding preps.

We chose significant places for our wedding (New World Renaissance Hotel for our reception, near AIM where we first laid eyes on each other; Shrine of Jesus, where we first attended a mass together and a lot more)

Age 27 - Year 20002 (Wedding Bells)

Mom went home from Taiwan to attend our wedding.

"Pamanhikan" was celebrated at Dampa Seafood Market in Paranaque.

Got married and went to Bali, Singapore and Malaysia for our Honeymoon.

Did parasailing and bodyboarding for the first time. Can't quite control the parachute so I had a bit of a hard landing.

Did my first rafting trip with hubby and a bunch of fun-loving Taiwanese couples. I fell off the boat, kinda scary but quite an experience.

He got an offer to work in Bangkok and spent our extended honeymoon there.

Moved to a Condo near his office.

Went to Koh Samet, a beautiful beach 3 hours from Bangkok.

No major adjustments for us.

Stayed for 1 night at the New World Hotel as part of our annual tradition.

Age 28- Year 2003 (Loving Bangkok)

Watched Formula-1 in Malaysia for the first time.

December when my grandmother passed away.

Enjoying our second year of being married.

Went to Patpong to watch the famous "stunts".

Pampered by "Foot Joy" massage ladies.

Friendship with Bkk_Sisterettes.

Stayed for 1 night at the New World Hotel as part of our annual tradition.

Age 29 - Year 2004 (The Stork visited us)

Started Blogging.

Went back to Singapore for another R&R and shopping.

Did my first G-max ride (kind of a reverse bungee, like a slingshot).

Explored Hongkong for 3 days only.

Spent days during Songkran in Central Samui Resort, Koh Samui, Thailand.

May 27, we found out that I'm pregnant (made in Central Samui Resort).

My grandfather passed away (I love him dearly).

Watched the "Eagles" concert in Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok. My OB was just 8 rows in front of us so I felt safe!

Enjoying every bit of my pregnancy.

End of November, our contract in Bangkok ended.

Stayed for 1 night at the New World Hotel as part of our annual tradition.

Age 30-Year 2005 (The Arrival of our Li'l Princess and Living in Tokyo)

Mom came home from Taiwan to be with me for the birth of my baby.

Gave birth to my adorable daughter on January 8 at Asian Hospital.

Celebrated our Wedding Anniversary at home w/ our baby.

Stayed in Manila from Dec '04 – May '05

Moved to Tokyo and bought our own appliances and furniture.

Watched my very first NFL game (Colts vs. Falcons @ Tokyo Dome).

Visited Disneyland

Enjoying the rapid growth and milestones of our little angel.

Working extra hard to raise a beautiful daughter.

Anxiously anticipating my first winter wonderland experience.

Nearing 3 decades.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

{To do List}

* Finalize Rein's 1st Birthday Party
* Finish the digital scrapbook for Rein's monthly milestones and pictures
* Start the ABCs of Rein's 1st year (prepare 1 for my in-laws, my mom and us)
* Collect wedding pictures for scrapbook preps
* Collect travel pictures
* Collect family (heritage) pictures
* Scout for Rein's Party Dress
* Prepare for Rein's Birthday program
* Prepare a letter to Rein to be read on her Birthday
* Scout for Christmas tree here in Tokyo

Santana stares down and shuts down Yanks

ANAHEIM -- The Angels witnessed their worst nightmare when Bartolo Colon went to one knee in the top of the second inning Monday night.
Their best pitcher was on the hill in the decisive fifth game of the American League Division Series, but it looked as if he would not be able to continue.

He wouldn't.

Colon threw two more pitches and dropped to his knee again, leaving after throwing just 23 pitches because of inflammation in his right shoulder.

But instead of folding at a critical moment, the Angels found their stride. Rookie Ervin Santana took the ball and, despite a shaky beginning, pitched the Angels into the ALCS with 5 1/3 clutch relief innings and a 5-3 win to eliminate the Yankees.

"It's a terrific achievement for us right now and hopefully it is one rung up the ladder," manager Mike Scioscia said. "But I'd like to congratulate the Yankees on an incredible season because we had our hands full in every aspect of the game."

Waiting in Chicago on Tuesday now, and less than 24 hours from the final out here, are the White Sox, who clinched a spot in the ALCS last Friday by sweeping Boston.


Monday, October 10, 2005

Feels like Home...

Two in a row...
2weekends at Shakey's Shinjuku. Hubby's favorite Pizza Parlor is here. I didn't know that they have branches in Tokyo. Hubby's aware that they have a branch in Yokohama as per Albert (but that's too far from our place) It was because of my Kikay Kit that we got to see Shakey's, it was across Isetann. You have to see my hubby when he eats Pizza, he perspires!!

Anyways, last October 1, I told him that i need to buy my Pampering Kit aka Kikay kit. My Origins Never a Dull Moment and Mint Incredible Scrub. I'm using it since we were in Bangkok and i love it so much. And since I can't afford to visit a Dermatologist here, I also bought this superb product called
Modern Friction (Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion). Though i only used it twice, voila! i've seen the difference in me. Winter is coming really fast and i have to equipp myself with skin moisturizer, my skin gets dry right away. I also got the Eye Cream since i'm a night owl and spend time in front of the computer doing my stuff, but i have to put Rein to sleep before i can start or else she won't sleep.

* Weather is not good since last week. Most people are hibernating. We just stayed home today.

* Scrapbook credits
LO and Brad DSP
Alpha by DDE
Phraseblankplate by SSB
Clip by DC

Developmental Milestones

9th Month

* Reaches for toys
* Drops objects and then looks for them
* Becomes interested in grabbing the spoon during feeding
* Picks up any object she can reach
* Initiates Peek-a Boo game
* Says Papa clearly and repeatedly
* Can stand alone for 10 seconds or more
* Crawls and looks at her face on the mirror and smiles

* Has five teeth
* Kisses mama and papa when told "a-mwah"

9 facts at 9 months

1. Nods her head to the beat of the music she hears
2. Doesn't want to stay long in her bassinet
3. Dives toward her papa when sitted on the couch
4. Fetches the Sesame Street Elmo ball
5. Folds her arms when told NO or don't do that
6. Shouts unexpectedly as if she's excited of something
7. Holds the hand shower during bath time
8. Smiles naughtly when caught in the act of doing something bad
9. Sneaks to the side of mama and papa and smiles as if saying "peek-a-boo"

Scrapbook Credits:
LO and Alpha from Shabby Princess
Elements from SSB and DSP
Fonts by TypewriterNew Roman and MA Sexy

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Happy Birthday Joan!

View the Digital Scrapbook i made for her

Joan will soon celebrate her Birthday. She's the youngest member of Bkk_Sisterettes. She has an adorable son named Jett and is happily married to Bob who will soon come home (to Manila) from work abroad. Although we didn't spend much time together in Bangkok, she was there on my Baby Shower.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Accidental Mom (Need to get this off my chest)

Just Venting...

Last week I received a text message from my Godfather in Manila. He said that A.M. left our house around midnight with the baby. My Godfather lives next door to us. He was the one taking care of her needs and was there in the hospital when she delivered the baby, he deserves to get respect from her. When I read the text about her, I was so angry. I have a lot of questions in my mind. How could a mother leave the house with a baby at 3 a.m.? What was she thinking? Why can't she tell us that she doesn't want to stay there? We just want her to stay there for a month out of concern for the baby. Why can't she text me? I don't know who planned it and I don't care anymore.

You've done so much trouble in your life young lady. You've hurt a lot of people, especially your family. You're not worth a single tear! You've hurt Mom tremendously. In case you forgot, it was "US" who took care of you when no one stood by you. From pre-natal check-ups, baby stuff and up to the last minute we paid for the hospital bill. We don't deserve to be treated this way! You have no respect and you're a user! People like you don't belong in our family. "Sukdulan ang galit namin sayo, wala kang kwentang tao".

To your Boyfriend
From the very start of your relationship, I tried to understand both of you. I respected you even if you didn't show-up when you got her pregnant, up to the last minute we supported both of you. You don't have the balls to talk to us, nakakalalaki ka. Don't you ever dare talk to me or my brothers!

Message to both of you
May your Son be NOT like you. May he grow with respect for people around him and love his family. Remember, what goes around, comes around.... I believe in karma. With this I rest my case. I want you to know that from this day forward, you have no sister in me.

Picture of her Son

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Happy Birthday Agnes!

The most traveled and the only sassy single lady in our group. This girl rocks. She's been to different countries before she reached the big 3-0. Also, a very good singer. We had so much fun in Bangkok. I remember when she cooked for us, her Sinigang na Baboy was so delicious. Halloween is fast approaching, i will surely miss our party with customes and games.
* Thanks DSP and Peas