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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

54 Things I love and will miss about Thailand

1. Our condominium near my husband's office
2. Service tuk-tuk to BTS station
3. Cable services w/ complete channel
4. Laundry coin services (hassle-free!)
5. BTS station around the corner (Nana Station)
6. Sky-way from nana to airport (20 mins. Only)
7. Central Chitlom (2 stations away)
8. Gaysorn (Up-scale mall) If you want to splurge on expensive designers.
9. Emporium (2 Stations away) Up-scale too!
10. Robinson's Department store (Walking Distance)
11. Lacoste (great price!)
12. Wacoal
13. Naturalizer (great buy!)
14. Guy Laroche
15. Nine West
16. Pratunam
17. MBK (nice shopping mall, value for money)
18. Ava at MBK (original perfumes, cosmetics at great prices!)
19. Bobe (wholesale garments)
20. Suan Luam
21. Chatuckak Market
22. Pork BBQ at Chatuckak Market
23. Boomerang (dvd at great prices)
24. Asia Books
25. Kinokuniya
26. Pantip
27. Tamarind at Champ, MBK (Recommended!)
28. 7-11 and Family Mart around the corner
29. 24 hours Grocery Store
30. Swensen's Ice Cream (Mocha Almond Fudge!)
31. Tom Yum authentic soup
32. Mango Salad at Soi 5
33. Bagoong Rice
34. JJ Delivery (super cheap!)
35. Chicken noodles
36. Rose Garden
37. Savoey Seafood
38. Greyhound Restaurant (Spaghetti Thai Anchovy and Caesar Salad. The best!)
39. MK Restaurant (yummy!)
40. Zen Restaurant (Cheap but yummy!)
41. Hachi-ban Restaurant
42. Neils' Tavern (Steak and salad!)
43. Outback (Mango Smoothie and aussie fries)
44. Piri-Piri (med. Chicken)
45. Buffet at Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit (#1)
46. Buffet at Marriott Hotel
47. Koh Samet Beach (2 hrs from Bangkok)
48. Koh Samui (Central Beach Resort) Recommended!!!
49. Warm and Nice people
50. Altis taxi cab
51. Chockai Ice Cream (esp. Fresh Milk flavor)
52. Foodloft (Italian,Thai,Viet.cuisine)
53. Holy Redeemer Church (Wednesday novena for Mother of Perpetual Help)
54. Assumption Church

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Our Li'l Bundle of Joy

Watch out for Baby Rein's Blogsite.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Farewell Party

Pomodoro Restaurant

Baby Shower Invites

Baby Shower on Nov.27,2004 (Given by BKK Sisterettes)

Monday, November 22, 2004

Tiring but Worth it

It was a grueling couple of weeks for us. We started packing and sending our things off to Manila. We did it batch by batch. We itemized each box and marked them w/ numbers and saved it thru excel so we won't have a hard time locating our stuff. We were able to ship a total of 17 boxes. Grrr.... We were so exhausted. And slept around 2 am to finish everything. We were advise about the delay on our 1st shipment. The 2nd shipment will arrive early December.

We're not done yet. We still have some things left in our place. We'll do it this week. We're leaving on December 1, 2004. I'm also doing my Christmas shopping and buying some things for baby Rein, and souvenirs from Bangkok.

At the same time, we are excited to go back to Manila. Hopefully everything goes well according to our plan.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Our cheese has been moved...

After almost 3 years of living in Bangkok, we're finally saying our goodbyes. Right after we got married last January 2002, and after spending our honeymoon abroad, we were asked to come here, initially it was a 3 months contract and 3 months lead to almost 3 years. Our life together as one started here. We didn't adjust much with each other and we enjoyed the roller coaster ride.

Living in Bangkok is fun especially if you have friends (sisterettes) around you. It's so sad that I will be leaving soon. And only 5 will be left in Bangkok. But this is the nature of our husbands’ job. I will certainly miss their company.

I have a lot of things to be thankful for. One of those is having a baby made in Koh Samui, Thailand. She was supposed to be delivered here and we were preparing for her baby stuff since early November. But since we're going back home, I'm sure she will enjoy the company of our families and friends. They are wishing that she would be delivered in Manila.

Second. Blessing from God. We've been requesting a lot from him and although our last request of staying here for another month didn't happen, we believe that he has his own reason. We trust his decision and pray that everything goes well.

Third. For my husband's hard work, understanding, patience, kindness and sweetness. I couldn't ask for more. Our baby Rein is lucky to have him as her father.

Space is not enough to list all the wonderful things that had happened to us on our stay here, of course, there were bad times too. It's part of our lives, isn't it?

We're scheduled to leave on Dec. 1, 2004. It’s a Wednesday, a glorious day and my sister in law’s birthday. We are looking forward to seeing our families and friends and to again taste authentic Filipino food!!

Bangkok is a big part of our history.

What about you? Who moved your cheese?

Monday, November 08, 2004

Baby Rein's 4D Ultrasound

Baby Rein at 30 weeks
We arrived at the hospital at around 10 a.m. and went straight to 2/f for registration. The show started at 10:25 a.m. You just can't imagine how thrilled we were. The room was cozy with a big bed and a big TV. Immediately the doctor announced that we're going to have a Baby Girl. So, now it's 100% sure. That was our first time to see her covering her face from us, usually she would put on a show every ultrasound. Her face was covered with her foot and hands. Perhaps, she doesn't want to be disturbed, she was sleeping at that time. We tried talking to her. The doctor decided to let me walk for 5 minutes and come back to check if she was able to change her position. Luckily, she did. The moving images were placed in a DVD and we enjoyed watching it. We'll definitely show it to her when she grows up.

Fetal Biometry

Her GA (Gestational Age) is 30. Her BPD (Biparietal Diameter ) i s 7.66 cm and HC (Head Circumference) is 28.29 cm. Which is normal for her age.

Her Abdominal Circumference is 28.79 cm. (which is quite big for her GA). Her Femur Length is 5.12 cm (normal for asian race). Presentation was Cephalic (head down in the womb)

Her AFI (Amniotic Fluid Index) is Normal and BMP (Beat per minute) is 170. Her EFW (Estimated Fetal Weight) is 1833 in grams.

Show your face baby.....

Thursday, November 04, 2004

29 and Expecting (a Flashback)

I was born on October 28, 1975 at 4:50 am. Weighing 6.4 pounds. Mom was 21 years old and Dad was 20 years old. Attending Physician was Dr. E. Claros. Mom said she was on labor for 2 hours. Dad accompanied her in the hospital. Although Dad wasn't able to join her in the operating room. He waited at the Daddy's Waiting Room. When the Doctor announced they were having a Baby Girl and that the operation went smoothly, dad was ecstatic. Mom had a normal delivery. She breastfed me until I reached 1 year old.

During the first few weeks at home, Mom said I always cried in the middle of the night and they would bring me to the hospital to check my vitals. Funny though, I was always hungry and would always want to be cuddle. Mom was the only person that I want to be carried by. I'm very much closer to her. My grandmother would always buy me some clothes and shoes. I remember making poo-poo at my Dad's chest when he was playing w/ me.

Growing up was full of fun and excitement especially for someone who loves to explore. We used to go to Luneta, CCP and Manila Zoo every weekend with my family and every Sunday at 9 am we would always go to the Church together and buy some kakanin and lechon after the mass. When I was 5, until 7 years old, I still recall wearing panties and sando and was playing in front of our house. I still remember how to play Step NO, Piko, Patintero, tumbang preso, doctor quack-quack, langit lupa, London bridge is falling down. Street-smart perhaps. Since my cousins live nearby, we usually play at our house or vice versa. Usually we play teacher-teacheran, luto-lutuan, carnival and taguan. Those were the days! Remembering my childhood makes me giggle. And makes me want to go back to enjoy more. When you were a kid, you want to grow old. When you grow old, you want to go back to being a kid and just enjoying every bit of it.

When I started my pre-school under Ms. Quiray, Mom was there all the time at the Parent's corner. I didn't want her to leave me, so I would always look at her and if I didn't see her I would cry and the whole class was distracted only to find out that mom went to the bathroom. Hehehe

During Kindergarten, mom dropped me at school, but I wasn't afraid anymore if she leaves me. I have a short hair at that time and would always want to have my lunch box packed with goodies and my favorite Hi-C Orange.

I've learned a lot from those years in HCCS.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

We're having a Baby Girl

So it's 90% sure that we're gonna have a Baby Girl. Yippee!!! I'm 29 weeks now. We visited our OB for routine check-up and had our Ultrasound last week. She was doing great.

Her Biophysical Profile is equivalent to her Gestational Age. No signs of Hydramnios or Macrosomia. Her position at that time was Breech (Oblique).

A Special note for baby Rein from Papa

I would like you to always remember that you are a Miracle! You are a winner! You are special! We are so blessed to have you in our lives. I am sure that you will hear this story over and over and over again about how God gave you to us as his most precious gift. Your Mama and I were told by our doctor that in order for your mom to get pregnant, she must take some medicines to aid and prepare her body for pregnancy. Your mom was scheduled to start this medication on June 2004 so we were not really expecting her to get pregnant anytime before that. We went into a traveling spree going to three different places to relax and unwind prior to this date. We were told that when your mom starts the medication, the doctor needs to monitor her progress regularly and that she must rest most of the time. But when we were in Koh Samui, you we’re finally conceived, naturally and without any medication. That’s why you are a miracle. Your conception went against the circumstances at that time. We were so shocked when the doctor told us that you might have been conceived around April 13 to 15, 2004. That was during the Thai Songkran Festival (New Year).

The Joy of Waiting (A Father's Journal)

You can actually call it “The Anxious, Joyous, Laborious Waiting!” Since we knew that your Mama is pregnant, we have been living on a month-by-month basis since it was every month that we were able to see or feel you during our visit to the doctor. We wake up very early in the morning to go to the doctor. But usually, we would not sleep until around 2 a.m. in anticipation of our little “family time.” We would always read the book or consult the internet on what to expect at every stage of your development before visiting the doctor. Your Mama and I would formulate all the questions that we want to ask based on what we have learned from these readings in order for us to ensure that you are healthy and developing properly. I always pray for your (and your Mama’s) well being during the pregnancy and beg the Lord to protect you at all times.

The Anxious waiting happens every time we are going to visit the doctor. I am always concerned about you and your Mama and although I always try to think positively, I can’t avoid the negative thoughts about some problems occurring during your Mama’s pregnancy. Of course I keep these not so positive thoughts just to myself since I don’t want this pessimism to rub-off on your Mama. When you grow up, you’ll know what I mean…hehehe. Although it has been quite a smooth ride so far, your Mama and I are always taking the necessary precautions to ensure your safety and stay away from serious complications. Now you see why I get anxious waiting to see you?

The Joyous waiting happens all the time. Every second of every minute of ever.….wait, I’m not that boring so I’ll cut to the chase….every day I always think of the moment when I can finally hold you with my own hands. My baby! My own flesh and blood! I have so many plans for our family and it all revolves around You. Now these are really happy thoughts. These are the ones I try to think of every time I am in the Anxious waiting zone. To kind of get out of that negative feeling, I shift to this thought of pure bliss.

The Laborious waiting zone always kicks in after the Joyous one since I can’t bear to wait for so long before I see and feel your beautiful face, your short shiny hair, small tender fingers and toes, rosy cheeks, round stomach, curvy buttocks, and so many other beautiful details about you. The date of your birth seems like a decade away every time I am in this zone. But of course I have to wait until you are fully developed and ready to join the world. In the meantime, I’ll try to stay in my Joyous zone.