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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Developmental Milestones

10th Month

* Understands the concept of No, Yes, Give, Stand, Stay and Play
* Loves to play "Peek a Boo" using her own version
* Would call Mama for Food and Papa for Playing
* Can Stand alone for more than 20 sec.
* Gets upset when toys are removed from her hands
* Transfers objects from one hand to the other
* Claps her hands (Rein style)

10 Facts @ 10 Months

1. Would play hide and seek using the sofa, door, blanket or anything she can use to cover her face.
2. Can sit and stand on the backrest of the sofa.
3. Would fake a cry when we say no or don't do that. She'll blink her eyes continuously.
4. Would say a bunch of words when talking to us or when we say don't do that, as if she's giving her side of the story and sort of defending herself.
5. Loves to eat table food esp. nilaga.
6. Loves to drink veggie-fruit juices.
7. Kisses us goodnight with a big a-mwah.
8. Welcomes her papa with a hug when he gets home from work.
9. Loves her Elmo Cellphone.
10. Lifts up mama's shirt when hungry and will then go from one breast to the other.


Papers from Shabby Princess
Stitches from SBB
Red Brad from SG
Fonts used Miss B, Christmas and Pharmacy


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