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Thursday, October 21, 2004

My disappearing Waistline

(My Second Trimester)

What I am really enjoying about being pregnant?

Knowing that you're bringing a new life in this world, it's a magnificent experience. Being able to feel his/her kick and flutter and familiarize with his/her pattern of wakefulness and sleep. Knowing that in a few months you'll be able to cuddle your baby. Wow! I can't wait for that moment.

I'm done with my second trimester.

Things that happened

I've been dreaming about my baby and I'm excited to see him/her on our next ultrasound, I was hoping to see him/her last Aug. 2 but the only thing that we did with our ob was to check our baby's heartbeat with a Doppler, the rate is 149 BPM which is within the range. We'll have to wait till Aug. 30, which is my 20th week for an ultrasound, hopefully we can confirm our baby's gender by then, so we could start shopping for baby's stuff. I'm also excited to see the baby clothes that my mother in-law bought from the States.

Changes I have noticed about my body?

I've always anticipated any changes in my body, if you happen to see me now, you'll definitely say that I'm pregnant and I'm happy for that. There are no changes on my face, it's still the same I don't know if it'll stay the same, I've heard about the nose getting bigger, mine is still the same. Some of my pre-pregnancy clothes aren't fit. Good thing we bought some maternity pants and some of my polo-shirt still fits me. I noticed that I couldn't sit for a long time, without standing once in awhile. I feel a tingling sensation on my tummy.


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