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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm still aLiVe

Hi Peeps!

Yep! This is me and I know it's been a loong time. I've got a lot things to update you with specially since my Mom is here. So many things happened the past months. We had a blast when we were in the Philippines as well as a lot of wonderful things/good news on my hobbies. We've been so busy and my Mom is enjoying her stay here as usual. I tell you, Rein is kinda getting spoiled when she's around and I guess I am too. I'm also happy for hubby for the good results he is getting from his hobby. We are hoping for more paychecks... Yipee!!!! More to come...

We were able to watch Incognito Live at the Blue Note Jazz Club last February. Really had a great time with hubby as we celebrate V-day immersed in good funky jazz music. The only thing that I hated was my migraine attack that day. Thanfully though, I managed to enjoy the show even though I was a bit uncomfortable. We also visited some tourist spots here since with Mom. We are planning for Golden week, just don't know where to go as usual because all interesting places around will be crowded.

About my Lil girl "Rein", you'll be amazed when you see her. She's really smart and knows almost everything a pre-schooler would know. She can count 1-100, knows all the colors and letters of the alphabet, can spell her name including mama and papa. She understands our questions and knows how to answer them correctly. I am truly amazed. My mom even told me that she's smarter than me. hehehe

I really hope that my Mom's visa will be extended or else she'll go home first week of May. I actually don't want her to go as she'll get hurt with the situations my siblings are going through with right now. And I fear that it might give her a heart attack if she gets too involved with all the problems between my 2 brothers right now. I don't know why it's happening to us and we are all affected.

On Scrapping:

It's really true that 8 is my favorite number and since it's 2008, I got 8 layouts for publication and was contacted by Artisan Notebook for one of my page and another two pages for Somerset Memories. I'll be working with The Digichick
as their Creative Artist. Such a great honor as TDC has been my home ever since I started my hobby.

Also, I'm one of the creative artists for Cinnamon Desings. You have to check their site, really it's beauutiful stuff!!!
I am loving the designers that I'm working with. They really have gorgeous stuff and easy to scrap too. On Photography, I just purchased things that I need for my macro photography, watch out for some samples. :)

If you want to see my latest digital scrapbook pages, please visit my gallery. :)

I won't keep you long, thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the week!