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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Changing Relationships

How being pregnant changed my relationship with those close to me?

Even more I understand my parents and my friends with children. I appreciate all the things that my parents had done for us to be able to live comfortably. The values that they shared with us made me a better person. I remember how irritated I am every time my mom talked to me over and over to study hard, get good grades, to value money, to live within our means, to be satisfied with what we have and to strive to get the things that we want in life and not to step on someone's foot. Those were the days, and I'm very thankful that she kept on reminding us until I finally realized. I made a promise to myself that I will strive and do my best for my family. Just like what she did for us. She's my inspiration. She had set a good example to me.

How being pregnant is different from what I expected?

Who would not love being pregnant? I love it so much that sometimes it made me so paranoid, a lot of things kept bugging me although I kept on thinking of happy thoughts. I'm nervous if I don't feel my baby's movements. During my first trimester, I was praying that he/she's doing well in my tummy since I can't feel his/her movements nor see him/her at that time. I've been wondering how he/she's been. I didn't expect to feel that way. I was so petrified with the things I've been watching and reading. The only things that made me secure were the check-ups and ultrasounds. If it's possible to have an ultrasound every visit we will do that in order to check him/her. I was planning to buy a Doppler but I know it would make me more fearful. All I can do is pray to God that our li'l bundle of joy is doing well. We waited for two years to have our first baby.

How I am feeling about myself and being pregnant?

I'm in great joy. Being pregnant is such a miracle and a wonderful gift from above. I couldn't wait for the big day. I'm no expert on this field. But surely, I can handle it with my husband. It would be a great experience once he/she arrives doing things the first time.

Time flies so fast, I am enjoying every bit of my journey through pregnancy.

Special Moments

Things I most enjoy doing for myself

Expressing my feelings, opinions, etc. thru my live journal at Blog. Canvassing for baby stuff, surfing the net about Parenthood, learning new things. Doing my digital Scrap booking.

I take time for myself by

Canvassing for baby stuff. Going out alone for shopping.


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