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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Developmental Milestones

8th Month

* Chews on objects

* Reaches for utensils when being fed (She wants to hold the spoon every time she's eating, you just can't imagine the mess on baby chair. But we enjoy looking at her do her thing).

* Turns head away when finished eating (Very Seldom!) as long as she sees food on the table, she'll continue eating.

* Sleeps between 10 and 11 hours a night; takes 2 to 3 naps. She won't sleep unless we also sleep. She wakes up before her Papa leaves the house for the office, and get back to sleep again and wake up at around 1030 for brunch.

* Masters in crawling

* Has specific cries for various needs

* Babbles enthusiastically (When her Papa is around)

* Tests gravity by dropping objects over edge of high chair (spills water from her cup)

* Shows some anxiety when removed from us

8 Facts @ 8 Months
1. She knows her name already. And responds to words like "No, Yes and Goodbye".
2. If i say No,she'll stop whatever she's doing.
3. She's very friendly whenever we go out and would make an effort to smile at everyone. There's this one time when a Japanese girl talked to her in the restaurant, Rein showed interest and gave her a big smile.
4. We have this trick to make her stop crying. We put her infront of the mirror and she will suddenly smile.
5. When we're eating, she wants to eat the same food as ours.
6. She now has this habit of "bowing" whenever we say "Hai".
7. She loves to watch Baby Einstein "World of Animals" and her all-time favorite Sesame Street show "Elmocize"
8. We know when she's pooping, when she stands infront of her cabinet and is quiet, Then she'll look at us as if she's guilty of something. She Giggles whenever she sees her papa coming home from work.


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