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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Depressing result

We went back to my endoc yesterday to check if my blood sugar is good enough, unfortunately, she told me that I have to add more insulin shots in the evening, so it would be one in the morning and one in the evening. The results were fluctuating and very depressing, there were days when it’s normal, and days that weren't. I think I have to modify my diet even more, cut back more on carbs instead of 6 servings, I'll have 3 servings. I have to restrain from taking smoothies which is my favorite esp. lychee and cantaloupe. I usually have it once a week. According to my endoc the normal range for me is 95 (fasting in the morning) and 140 (one hour after meal). I'm a carbo addict before and when I tried taking the south beach diet last March until April, my weight went down and I lost about 20 pounds. Certainly, that's the reason why I got pregnant last April.

I will be going back to my endoc next Tuesday for a follow-up check-up, hopefully, by then the result is acceptable.


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