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Monday, October 10, 2005

Developmental Milestones

9th Month

* Reaches for toys
* Drops objects and then looks for them
* Becomes interested in grabbing the spoon during feeding
* Picks up any object she can reach
* Initiates Peek-a Boo game
* Says Papa clearly and repeatedly
* Can stand alone for 10 seconds or more
* Crawls and looks at her face on the mirror and smiles

* Has five teeth
* Kisses mama and papa when told "a-mwah"

9 facts at 9 months

1. Nods her head to the beat of the music she hears
2. Doesn't want to stay long in her bassinet
3. Dives toward her papa when sitted on the couch
4. Fetches the Sesame Street Elmo ball
5. Folds her arms when told NO or don't do that
6. Shouts unexpectedly as if she's excited of something
7. Holds the hand shower during bath time
8. Smiles naughtly when caught in the act of doing something bad
9. Sneaks to the side of mama and papa and smiles as if saying "peek-a-boo"

Scrapbook Credits:
LO and Alpha from Shabby Princess
Elements from SSB and DSP
Fonts by TypewriterNew Roman and MA Sexy


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