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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Remembering Dad...

Last night, I dreamed of my dad. It was so real and I was still absorbing every details of it. So I thought of writing this to remember how happy I was and how I wanted to be with him again.

Here it goes:

The whole family was home. I was teasing my brother (the older of the two) and he was so "pikon" so he told dad about it. Dad came and asked why, then he laughed at him and made face. We then gave each other a high-five and my brother walked out on us. Dinner came and we were all having fun, he was cracking jokes and so did we. Mom was asking us to stop but the laugh and giggle didn't stop.

Bedtime came and my brother went to my room and asked something. I wanted him to get mad at me, so I teased him again, this time he said he'll punch me if I don't stop. Dad was making fun of us, he stayed in my room for a while. It was a time for bonding between father and daughter.

End here...

It was hard not to have a father at home. I miss a lot of things about him. Though he spent most of his time abroad, he made sure that when he went home he would spend quality time with us. I must admit that during those times I wasn't keen to see him everyday because he was so strict and wants us to get up early in the morning to clean the house or go to church together. Weekends were the only time that I could sleep late and get up mid afternoon.

He's a quiet type. His way of discipline is different. I never saw my parents fight in front of us. They would always go to their room. Never did I see him hit my mother and say hurtful words. Both of them tried to give us a good education. They sent us to private school from primary to college. They made us realized that though we were not rich, we were rich in values and education.

Dad knows how to pamper me with lavish gifts from perfumes to bags. He never forgot to send me something for my birthday or when he goes home from abroad. I can still recall every gift he sent. Grade 4 when I started using perfume and since then i became familiar with Estee Lauder, Dior, Chloe and Nina Ricci. I've never heard of some perfumes that he gave me but when a classmate of mine from high school saw it, she said it was famous and quite expensive. Then I stopped wearing it everyday. hehehehe....

I just wish I spent more time with him, and showed him how I love him so much. God has his reason why he took him away from us at such a young age (he just turned 40). I'm certainly sure that it taught us some of life's valuable lessons.

Love you Dad... I will always love you!


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