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Monday, October 10, 2005

Feels like Home...

Two in a row...
2weekends at Shakey's Shinjuku. Hubby's favorite Pizza Parlor is here. I didn't know that they have branches in Tokyo. Hubby's aware that they have a branch in Yokohama as per Albert (but that's too far from our place) It was because of my Kikay Kit that we got to see Shakey's, it was across Isetann. You have to see my hubby when he eats Pizza, he perspires!!

Anyways, last October 1, I told him that i need to buy my Pampering Kit aka Kikay kit. My Origins Never a Dull Moment and Mint Incredible Scrub. I'm using it since we were in Bangkok and i love it so much. And since I can't afford to visit a Dermatologist here, I also bought this superb product called
Modern Friction (Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion). Though i only used it twice, voila! i've seen the difference in me. Winter is coming really fast and i have to equipp myself with skin moisturizer, my skin gets dry right away. I also got the Eye Cream since i'm a night owl and spend time in front of the computer doing my stuff, but i have to put Rein to sleep before i can start or else she won't sleep.

* Weather is not good since last week. Most people are hibernating. We just stayed home today.

* Scrapbook credits
LO and Brad DSP
Alpha by DDE
Phraseblankplate by SSB
Clip by DC


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