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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

29 and Counting (My twenty Something Years....)

Age 20 - Year 1995 (Most Stressful Year)

Dad passed away last June due to a car accident. Our car was badly hit and he was pronounced dead on arrival. Mom flew from Taipei to Manila to attend the burial and left days after.

Became closer to my siblings and acted as their Mom, Dad and Ate. My Brother, next after me, was 18 and the other one was 11 and our youngest sister was 9. My grandparents stayed with us.

A month or so after my birthday, my long time BF broke up with me. Again, it added up to my very stressful life. Being naive in this arena, I asked him why? There goes the famous line " It's not your fault, it's me"

A sad Christmas losing love ones.

Age 21 - Year 1996 (College Days)

I managed to maintain good grades. It was a challenging phase in my life dealing with the loss of two important men in my life.

Busiest time in my college life Thesis, some paper works from major subjects and submission of request for OJT. I spent most of my time in the library. I also went to another university for a cross-enrolled subject.

Attended the 10th year Anniversary concert of Side A band at Cuneta Astrodome. The place was jam-packed. I still have vivid memories of the songs they played, Joey Benin sung "Set you Free" and I was crying again. The song was so perfect for me as i recalled.

Age 22 - Year 1997 (School and Work)

OJT at MMH for 700 Hours.

My Brother (the older of the two) joined my mom in Taipei. It was a crucial decision for him.

Landed my first job with MD at 6750, Makati before graduation day. Had a lot of bloopers on my first day of work, one of which was the Hello Kitty bag that I used to carry.

My Grandma and two of my siblings attended the graduation ceremony. Mom and siblings surprised me with a graduation party and got me a present.

Tried my luck in another company and when they accepted me, I immediately resigned at MD and joined ATG-AOD.

Got my very first paycheck and bought an Esprit bag, jewelries, dined out with my siblings at Max's and gave them some money.

Value of money was the favorite line of my mom because I started collecting bags and wallets from my paychecks.

Age 23 - Year 1998 (Work and Pleasure)

Enjoying my work, got new friends and usually hanged out every weekend at Makati or Malate.

Drink till you drop and smoke till you die...

Spent most of my Sundays with my siblings either lunch out or dinner, shopping and attending Sunday mass.

Love attending Valentine Concerts

Going out on a date (I dated a lot but i can't seem to find the one)

Send me one line.... whoever you are (my famous line)

Age 24 - Year 1999(Reflection)

My favorite cousin who I love so much, passed away.

Traveled domestic for business trip (it's so nice to see the beautiful beaches around the Philippines).

Went to Dos Palmas in Palawan to reflect about how I lived my life.

Scuba diving for the 1st time.

Age 25 - Year 2000(Career Change)

Moved to I.T. Department.

Applied for a US Visa before my birthday.

Went to Pangasinan with my Barkada right after I got the result of my visa application.

Met a lot of people along the way.

December when hubby decided to meet up with me. He fetched me at the Asian Institute of Management. And the story begins.

He spent most of the time abroad, it was a long distance relationship but we managed to survive. Thanks to modern technology.

Age 26 - Year 2001(The Engagement)

Went back to Dos Palmas, but this time with hubby. Pigged-out on very delicious food.

It was June when he proposed in Tagaytay and I accepted it .

Before he picked me up from work, he went to the Shrine of Jesus church and asked the priest to bless the engagement ring.

Started planning for our Big Day.

He decided to stay in the Philippines and moved to Globe Telecom to be with me for the wedding preps.

We chose significant places for our wedding (New World Renaissance Hotel for our reception, near AIM where we first laid eyes on each other; Shrine of Jesus, where we first attended a mass together and a lot more)

Age 27 - Year 20002 (Wedding Bells)

Mom went home from Taiwan to attend our wedding.

"Pamanhikan" was celebrated at Dampa Seafood Market in Paranaque.

Got married and went to Bali, Singapore and Malaysia for our Honeymoon.

Did parasailing and bodyboarding for the first time. Can't quite control the parachute so I had a bit of a hard landing.

Did my first rafting trip with hubby and a bunch of fun-loving Taiwanese couples. I fell off the boat, kinda scary but quite an experience.

He got an offer to work in Bangkok and spent our extended honeymoon there.

Moved to a Condo near his office.

Went to Koh Samet, a beautiful beach 3 hours from Bangkok.

No major adjustments for us.

Stayed for 1 night at the New World Hotel as part of our annual tradition.

Age 28- Year 2003 (Loving Bangkok)

Watched Formula-1 in Malaysia for the first time.

December when my grandmother passed away.

Enjoying our second year of being married.

Went to Patpong to watch the famous "stunts".

Pampered by "Foot Joy" massage ladies.

Friendship with Bkk_Sisterettes.

Stayed for 1 night at the New World Hotel as part of our annual tradition.

Age 29 - Year 2004 (The Stork visited us)

Started Blogging.

Went back to Singapore for another R&R and shopping.

Did my first G-max ride (kind of a reverse bungee, like a slingshot).

Explored Hongkong for 3 days only.

Spent days during Songkran in Central Samui Resort, Koh Samui, Thailand.

May 27, we found out that I'm pregnant (made in Central Samui Resort).

My grandfather passed away (I love him dearly).

Watched the "Eagles" concert in Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok. My OB was just 8 rows in front of us so I felt safe!

Enjoying every bit of my pregnancy.

End of November, our contract in Bangkok ended.

Stayed for 1 night at the New World Hotel as part of our annual tradition.

Age 30-Year 2005 (The Arrival of our Li'l Princess and Living in Tokyo)

Mom came home from Taiwan to be with me for the birth of my baby.

Gave birth to my adorable daughter on January 8 at Asian Hospital.

Celebrated our Wedding Anniversary at home w/ our baby.

Stayed in Manila from Dec '04 – May '05

Moved to Tokyo and bought our own appliances and furniture.

Watched my very first NFL game (Colts vs. Falcons @ Tokyo Dome).

Visited Disneyland

Enjoying the rapid growth and milestones of our little angel.

Working extra hard to raise a beautiful daughter.

Anxiously anticipating my first winter wonderland experience.

Nearing 3 decades.


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