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Friday, March 31, 2006

Updates Galore...

I just can't believe that Katharine had the second lowest number of votes. I thought that the bottom three would be Lisa, Ace and Bucky. I was in awe when her name was called, hubby was shocked too. Out of 10 performers last night, Katharine was one of the best, most of the songs that they sang were not so appealing.

On The Amazing Race, I'm not so happy with the ones who were eliminated. On the latest episode, they went from Germany to Italy, OMG! I would love to go there and was telling hubby how I love the place, everything about Italy. And of course, I would love to go to Milan and shop to death.

We had lunch at Yen's house. She cooked Pinakbet {Veggies pinoy style}. I just love it. I think I had more than enough. I asked her if she could cook it again next week, loved it sooo much. We did a lot of chatting while the kids were playing. Her son was a bit under the weather. We left at 5PM and went back to our place. Weather is changing, it was soo cold outside.

It's almost Friday, whew! Thank God it's Friday. We have no plans yet for the weekend, but I really, really want to spend it in a park or mall. Cherry Blossoms are starting to show.

What else? I still have colds, now my throat is kinda infected too. It's been 2 weeks now with no development even with meds.

Have to sleep now, it's been a busy day for me. I wanted to do a layout but I'm so tired and my creative juice just slept away. BTW, I joined Laura Alpuche's Sketch Challenge which can be found in her blog. It was a perfect time for another LO for Sarah Jones' newest kit.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Out of the Loop again....

Haven't updated my blog, We are all recuperating, Got sick last Saturday, really don't know what's happening to us or if it's the weather that is making us sick. Rein is back to normal but still has colds. Archie and I felt something unusual since Friday night. I still have colds, but I'm taking meds already. Hopefully, this thing will pass as soon as possible. It's hard to get sick especially now, no one will take care of Rein when Archie goes to the office.

We Visited Rein's Pedia yesterday to make sure that she's not infected with my colds, so I asked for meds incase she gets it. I also told him {Rein's Pedia} about what happened to Rein and that we went to his clinic but it was closed. He was out of the country for a vacation.

Weather yesterday was not soo cold. Thank God, Rein was able to play outside. And she didn't want to go home.

What's new with me? Hmmm... nothing. Same old stuff. Busy with Rein and also doing some LOs and hopefully everything's back to normal with us.

April is coming real soon. The next thing I know, it's Christmas again. Whew! Can't wait.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Rein's Health Condition

Last Thursday, at around 1 a.m., Rein vomited and we thought that it was just because she ate a lot and did not digest the food properly. But when it happened again and again, we knew something was wrong. She vomited around 8 times until 7 a.m. We couldn't sleep and the light was kept on which is unsual. We were checking her temperature as well. We decided to bring her to the doctor near our place early that morning. She was given some "supository" meds for nausea and we were told that it's Gastroenteritis {Stomach flu} which is a common childhood illness here in Japan during this time of the year. Most infants and toddlers have at least one or two bouts of it during the transition from Winter to Spring. It is a mild illness caused by a viral infection and clears up without the need for medical treatment. In babies and young children, it can be more dangerous because they become dehydrated more easily. So we were advise to give her more water and "Pocari Sweat" drink to avoid dehyration. When we came home, she still vomited about 3 to 4 times that afternoon. In the evening, the vomiting continued so we went back to the doctor last Friday. We planned to go to her Pediatrician but was surprised to find that the clinic was closed probably for vacation. So we went back to the clinic near our place and she was given another supository meds and for sneezing. She was showing signs of cold and I might have infected her since I've had it and was taking meds already.

Last Friday, we were not satisfied with the doctor that we visited so we decided to bring her to Metropolitan Bokutoh Hospital. We proceeded to the Emergency Room already. We waited for her turn and finally a good pediatrician was there. Rein was so restless that day, I was so worried about the Rubella shot that might have affected her. I read about that horrible story about vaccines. The doctor advised us to leave the room since they will perform some blood tests and they will put the IV. She was crying the whole time and was calling me and her Papa. I tried to check on her but the doctor won't let me. Tears started to flow and I just cried in the waiting area. Finally, they called us in and Rein was so traumatized when she was left with the doctor and nurses. She was diagnozed with Hypoglycemia {Low Sugar} and if left untreated she might have been fully dehyrated. So the IV with Glucose was put on her and we stayed in the hospital for more than 3 hours. Her blood sugar was checked again after she finished and it was 78. Thank God, it's normal already. Her blood test turned out ok.

We were advised to return the next day and to continue the meds. Her condition was more stable. We kept on monitoring her fever and it slowly turned to normal.

Yesterday, we went back for another check-up and the doctor said she's ok and we asked again where she got it. And he said it's everywhere since the weather is changing from Winter to Spring. I was also checking on the food she took and places we've been. Although we clean the house regularly, its not a guarantee. I was so OC when it comes to Rein. Thank God, she's now recuperating. The vomiting stopped already, now onto diarrhea, which is the normal process for this illness.

Hubby got sick also last night, he went to the john more than 5 times. He got unexplainable headache, while I still was not feeling well due to my cold. We both vomited around midnight. Finally, we felt better the next morning.

Rein is almost back to normal, we already cleaned the house and her toys, did the laundry.
Noticed my Digital Scrapbook Slide? I put to rest my Flickr and got hold of this on top of my page. All my digital layouts are here and I will continue to upload everytime I finish a page.
Thank God. We are all ok.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Finally, out of the grave

Hopefully!!! hehehe... This was THE most stressful week for me. I almost burst into tears when I called hubby about Rein. She still has this Separation Anxiety thingy which I think I complained about weeks ago. Still, she doesn't want to be left alone in the sofa. I still bring her to the bathroom if I need to pee. She stands on top of the computer table so I could do some commenting on scrap sites. I can't concentrate on scrapbooking. I haven't done anything new for my CT and gave up one CT offer. Too bad for me, I love her design but I don't think I can handle it right now, with Rein asking for too much attention. Thank God hubby's here to help in cleaning the house. Whew! I vent too much lately. Hopefully, this will be a good week for us.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Greatest Accomplishments

Door prize question of The Digichick as part of their grand re-opening last Saturday.

Come on in, answer this question and that will enter you in the daily door prize drawing. It's that simple. The winner will receive a $10 Gift Certificate to The DigiChick Boutique! Please note that you must post your answer by 11:59 pm PST today (saturday). SO, today's question...

Tell us about one of your greatest accomplishments!

My take:
Ohh I missed this question. This was my favorite question during the job interview. My greatest acomplishment in the last 10 years was being able to finish college in a very stressful environment. My dad passed away on my last semester of college and my BF broke up with me a few months after my dad died. I got a job before graduation day. Being able to work with high-caliber and prominent people, I was offered to take the MBA. Moved from Sales and Marketing to IT Department and traveled the country with my officemates, fully paid by the company. My single life was full of fun and I really had a great time when I look back at it.

Got married at the age of 26. Despite a very promising career, I joined my husband who's job is usually outside the Philippines. It was like a 3 year honeymoon in Bangkok and we were trying to get pregnant on the 2nd year.

It was 2004 when I finally got pregnant. Gave birth last January. I have the opportunity to stay at home with my daughter. I love to see her grow each day, and do a journal of every milestone.

If you're interested CLICK ME

Friday, March 03, 2006

Amazing Race and American Idol

We are loaded with shows to watch.

Amazing Race started last Tuesday and I was able to download it over the net since it isn't shown here. We watched it last night. I can't say who's my favorite right now but I'm glad that the ones that I don't like were the first to be eliminated.

American Idol has gone through the top 12, thankfully it is shown here on FOX Channel although the decision for the first 2 girls and 2 boys who will be eliminated is scheduled to air on Saturday. Got no choice but to download it again, I can't wait till Saturday for the result. There are 4 fantastic girls and 4 boys that I love to win. Their names are Ace, Taylor, Chris and Jose for the boys. The girls are Paris, Ayla, Katharine and Lisa.

Weather is changing. This morning it was sunny, now it's not. Hopefully on Sunday the weather is good since we will be watching the World Baseball Classic.

Have a great weekend.

Priceless Moment

Journaling reads:
You both love to dance the waltz. Everytime your papa dances with you, you wouldn’t stop laughing and giggling. Sometimes, I imagine you in a white dress dancing with a teary eyed papa at your wedding. Oh how I love seeing you both dancing.

Lollipop kit by Bella Gypsy available at ACOT. Stitches by Gina Miller
Fonts used: Inspiration and Century Gothic

Posted at my galleries. :)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Separation Anxiety

My toddler is suffering from severe Separation Anxiety since Monday. She's not like that before. I noticed yesterday that everytime I leave her to go to the bathroom or do my household chores, she would always want to be carried. If not, she'll cry out loud and when she cries the whole world knows . My next door neighbor would check on me on the veranda, probably wondering what I'm doing with her since there are some cases of Moms hurting, even killing, their own babies here in Japan.

I called my mom and told her about it and she said that's what I did when I was a toddler. It's a sort of karma. hehehe I can't do my things, she doesn't want me to leave, she just wants me to stay on the sofa or bed, read and watch all day. Don't get me wrong, I carried her everytime I cook, she joins me in the bathroom, we even take a shower together. I am loving the attachment that she's been showing. It's just that it's so intense. I know in time she will be able to outgrow it. I have read about the tips and tricks to mellow down this phase.

Enough of my rants. Have a great day!