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Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Shaky Mexican Dinner

Taco shell (12 pcs)
Medium (spicy) Taco Sauce
Ground Beef (cooked w/ a dash of garlic and onion)
Cheddar Cheese

I prepared Tacos for dinner. It was a bit difficult because I was feeding Rein and she doesn't want me to leave. But I've got to finish cooking the ground beef, so I put her down on the floor. Everyday is a challenge for me especially when cooking because Rein is always at my side. Finally, I'm done with the beef, shredded cheese and cabbage. Everything was almost done before hubby arrived. I was hungry so hubby filled up the taco shell, the shell wasn't crunchy, of course, it needs to be toasted but since I'm hungry I told him that I'll eat it.

Then, earthquake strikes again with 6.4 magnitude (based on the USGS) before 9PM. It was stronger than Sunday's quake. I got up with Rein and I asked hubby to get our backpack (with important documents) and we stayed near the front door and unlocked the knobs. We didn't realize that we put some taco shells in the oven. Good thing it wasn't burned.

Anyway, I don't want to drag you on our shaky dinner. We binged on a lip smacking tacos. Can't wait for another round of tacos next week while watching the MLB.

Could it be the Cardinals or Astros going up against the White Sox for the world series?


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