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Friday, December 09, 2005

Developmental Milestones

* Says "ma-ma" and "Papa" discriminately
* Understands "no"
* Claps hands {Rein's way}
* Waves bye-bye {Rein's way}
* Voluntarily lets objects go
* Shakes head "no"
* Has fun opening and closing cabinet doors
* Crawls very fast
* "Cruises" furniture
* Identifies self in mirror and giggles {vain Rein }

11 Facts at 11 Months
1. Walks with adult help
2. Says "ma-ma" and " pa-pa"
3. "Dances" to music esp. if it's Sesame Street or GKNB
3. Interested in books and may identify some things {our books and newspaper}
4. May understand some simple commands {she tries to help me with the laundry, like giving the hanger}
5. Fearful of strangers
6. Prefers to push, pull and dump items {loves to push the chair and stroller forward}
7. Pulls off hat and soc! ks {she's annoy with socks and hat}
8. Understands use of certain objects
9. Tests parental responses to behavior {esp. when she's holding the internet box}
10.Extends arms or legs when getting dressed
11. Giggles and imitates the way we laugh

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