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Friday, October 14, 2005

Top 10 things to do before you reach 30

1. Drive an expensive sports car, or rent it. Life is a journey and we should all enjoy the ride. Drive in style though. I remember my hubby who planned to rent a Ferrari when he was in the US.

2. Date against your type. Try dating someone you don't like physically, you might be surprised and it may lead to something deeper. Enjoy your dates and don't ruin it by texting someone while having dinner and letting him pay the bill (been there, done that) unless you want to make a statement.

3. Travel alone. Try to save some money for a trip. It depends on your persona. It could be on a beach or some places with lots of culture. Or, if you haven't explored your country, try to visit some cool places. You'll be amazed what a wonderful country you have. Plan your trip and look for a not-so expensive hotel unless you have the money to splurge.

My husband enjoys his trips abroad. It broadens his horizons as he said.

People say, your 20's is the time to live the stories that you'll be telling for the rest of your life.

4. Live on your own. Get a place somewhere near the capital if you could afford or somewhere trendy.

5. Drink and be Merry. This is something I've done in my 20's. Got drunk and work the next day. It was a nice experience on my 20 something years. Some would say it's a cool experience but for other people who don't drink nor smoke it's a pathetic thing to do. Well, if you're planning to drink a lot, do it when you're young and when people won't look at you as if you're a loser coz you're 50 or something.

6. Get your dream job. Most people are afraid of changing the direction of their careers. Some would end up changing when they're in their 30's. Figure out what you want in life and go get it. A major turn-around on my career happened when I was 25.

7. Be physically involved. Do Yoga or Pilates and tone your body. Who knows, you'll end up with a cool buddy and gain more friends. I used to go to Slimmer's World in Makati, after a hard day at work, usually I got home past 10 pm.

8. Have dinner with your parents. Make sure you pay the bill. During Mom's vacation, we usually took her out for lunch or dinner, She loves the Caesar Salad at TGIF. It made me so proud paying the bills and I saw how proud she was that I was able to stand on my own two feet.

9. Do charity work. There are a lot of orgs, you can contact them. It feels good that you can help without asking something in return.

10. Go Extreme! Climb or Sail. I had my very first scuba dive in my mid 20's and I must admit I was scared to death. But when you go down under the sea, it is such a wonderful experience. Hubby got his first Skydive in the US and tried it again in Australia. This is something I look forward to. Doing a tandem with him in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. We both experienced parasailing in Bali, five minutes G-Max ride (reverse bungee jumping) in Singapore and Turbo Drop in Hongkong.

I have to admit, I had so much fun in my 20's. I've Explored, Learned and Grew as a person. Time is ticking and as much as I wanted to stop time, I can't. I'm nearing the last days of my twenty something years.

My Advice:

Enjoy your 20's while you can. Explore, Learn and Grow. Don't regret the things you've done, be brave enough to face the world. Believe and trust in yourself. The next chapter brings much appreciation when you look back. Hop in and take the ride. My next chapter will revolve around my family and the things I want to do in my life personally.


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