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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mother's Day Celebration {late post}

Last Friday, May 12. I had a Pre-Mother's Day Celebration with Rein. We had a late lunch at Denny's where we ordered our favorite dish and dessert. I just love "Mango with Milk Pudding", the Mango came from the Philippines and it'soo yummy. After lunch we went to her Pedia. I asked them to translate the date for Rein's Polio Vaccine. We then proceeded to Sunstreet where she played with other kids. She just loves it and you would see how happy she was with the kids, especially when she's playing on the slide.

Saturday, we didn't go out, weather was kinda bad so we stayed home. I prepared our favorite brunch "bacon, egg and fried rice". The whole day was spent with Rein, playing, reading and doing our things once in a while. TFC was on air for the Golden Week so we had a chance to watch some Pinoy shows and movies.

Around 1 am, I joined the Chat with Valerie at TDC and joined some challenges for NSD and Mother's day Celebrations. One of my favorites was the Treasure Hunting. I couldn't believe that I slept past 6 am, I also sent the e-card that I created for my friends and colleagues in Scrap World.

Sunday came. Hubby and Rein greeted me. Hubby did the planning, of course, since it's Mother's day. We had lunch at Outback in Chiba. It was a different experience when we were on our way coz we usually go to Shinjuku or some place with lotsa people. We were not familiar with the place, so hubby had a printed map. We walked for more than 10 mins. While walking, we both had a feeling that we were going to a town fiesta because of the houses that we passed by. We were laughing all the time, I had a feeling that we were going to a church and passing small streets, same thing if you were attending a fiesta in the Philippines.

Hubby was vindicated when we saw the mall. It's actually not what I expected. It's big and perfect for Rein. There was no queue so we had lunch past 12 noon. My favorite Bushmushroom is not available in any Outback in Japan. So we ordered Aussie fries and Calamari for appetizer. Of course, we requested for our favorite honey bread. We ordered Pasta for Rein. Hubby ordered Baby back Ribs and I ordered Ribeye Steak. Speaking of Steak, I miss New York Steak House at the Marriott Hotel, Bangkok. Their Angus Beef Steak is to die for. Anways, back to our orders, we planned on having a dessert since their signature dessert is the Thunder from Downunder Chocolate Brownie.

What did we talk about during lunch? Our life when we were still boyfriend and girlfriend. How happy we were at Dos Palmas where we did Scuba diving together, kayaking, snorkling, biking and lots of eating. It was my second time at the same place, the first one I did when I was still single and soul-searching. If you want to know more of this resort go check it out at The place is really romantic, alot of activities and the food is sooo yummy. We got the Bay Cottage. We'll definitely go back there.

It's so nice to reminisce all the wonderful things, you've done together.

What else did we talk about? Hmmm... Our Honeymoon... That Bali was overrated, we stayed at the The Intercontinental. The hotel is really nice, epecially the room. But the beach is just ok. What I really love, although I was scared to death when I went overboard, was our rafting trip. We also did parasailing and jet skiing. It was a superb experience. Hubby fell from the jet ski and when we arrived at Singapore, he was still in pain. Also talked about our 3 years honeymoon period in Bangkok. We were so glad that we were able to spend time together before our baby came last year. We really enjoyed being together. Our trips out of the country were superb. My first time to watch Formula 1 at Malaysia and my first ever Reversed Bungee in Singapore. I vomited after that by the way . The last one that I won't ever forget is the Turbo Drop, which we did twice, at Ocean Park Hong Kong. I didn't realize that I'm pregnant already at that time. Good thing Rein is soo strong.

I won't keep you from reading this kinda long, reminiscing story of us. It's just fun to remember things you both enjoy. Of course, there are so many things that we still want to do. I'll keep you posted when we do that. I just love to look back and can't hide the smile and glow in my face.

Weather is bad today. Rein is getting better.


Anonymous Papa Archie said...

Happy Mother's Day again to my Mama Angel!! Really enjoyed reminiscing all the fun stuff we did before. We are going to do more in the future. In fact, I think you are ready to Sky Dive now since you were able to come out in one piece from all those pumped-up activities we did. I bet we may both end up being licensed Sky Divers if we get the chance to. After that, BASE JUMPING!!! wwwoooohhhooooo love you 8

Thursday, May 18, 2006 2:43:00 PM  
Anonymous sarah.b said...

Wow sounds like you are a busy gal, glad to hear that you had a wonderful mother's day!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006 8:03:00 AM  

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