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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Out of the Loop again....

Haven't updated my blog, We are all recuperating, Got sick last Saturday, really don't know what's happening to us or if it's the weather that is making us sick. Rein is back to normal but still has colds. Archie and I felt something unusual since Friday night. I still have colds, but I'm taking meds already. Hopefully, this thing will pass as soon as possible. It's hard to get sick especially now, no one will take care of Rein when Archie goes to the office.

We Visited Rein's Pedia yesterday to make sure that she's not infected with my colds, so I asked for meds incase she gets it. I also told him {Rein's Pedia} about what happened to Rein and that we went to his clinic but it was closed. He was out of the country for a vacation.

Weather yesterday was not soo cold. Thank God, Rein was able to play outside. And she didn't want to go home.

What's new with me? Hmmm... nothing. Same old stuff. Busy with Rein and also doing some LOs and hopefully everything's back to normal with us.

April is coming real soon. The next thing I know, it's Christmas again. Whew! Can't wait.


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