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Friday, March 31, 2006

Updates Galore...

I just can't believe that Katharine had the second lowest number of votes. I thought that the bottom three would be Lisa, Ace and Bucky. I was in awe when her name was called, hubby was shocked too. Out of 10 performers last night, Katharine was one of the best, most of the songs that they sang were not so appealing.

On The Amazing Race, I'm not so happy with the ones who were eliminated. On the latest episode, they went from Germany to Italy, OMG! I would love to go there and was telling hubby how I love the place, everything about Italy. And of course, I would love to go to Milan and shop to death.

We had lunch at Yen's house. She cooked Pinakbet {Veggies pinoy style}. I just love it. I think I had more than enough. I asked her if she could cook it again next week, loved it sooo much. We did a lot of chatting while the kids were playing. Her son was a bit under the weather. We left at 5PM and went back to our place. Weather is changing, it was soo cold outside.

It's almost Friday, whew! Thank God it's Friday. We have no plans yet for the weekend, but I really, really want to spend it in a park or mall. Cherry Blossoms are starting to show.

What else? I still have colds, now my throat is kinda infected too. It's been 2 weeks now with no development even with meds.

Have to sleep now, it's been a busy day for me. I wanted to do a layout but I'm so tired and my creative juice just slept away. BTW, I joined Laura Alpuche's Sketch Challenge which can be found in her blog. It was a perfect time for another LO for Sarah Jones' newest kit.


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