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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Out of the Loop

I'm out of circulation these days because of the following.

* I had my Glucose Screening Test last Thursday. We arrived before 7AM and had my first shot (blood extracted from my arm) and took a glass of water w/ sugar and lemon. The second shot came after an hour so we decided to walk around the hospital. We visited the dental section since hubby's tooth needs to be filled, he made an appointment with the doctor around 9AM. The dental cost was pricey for a tooth filling. While waiting for his appointment we decided to visit the nursery room at the 6/f. I peer elatedly seeing those babies on their pink and blue blankets, their tiny hands and feet. It made us giggle.

* We went back after an hour for my second shot and had my urine for testing. Hubby went to the dentist and came back after 45 mins.

* Total shots were 4. We left the hospital around past 10 AM. and had lunch at Soi 5 (Thai Restaurant). After lunch, I went to the mall to buy something for the couple's shower party and arrived home around 7PM.

* I received a call from the hospital informing us that I should go and see an endocrinologist on Monday (10/4/04).

* I was able to buy some maternity clothes in Central Chitlom last Friday.


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