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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

About last night

After watching Sex & the City (season 6) and Mysterious Ways, hubby and I went to bed, and he read a story to our baby who turns 23 weeks inside my womb. Our baby seems to communicate with us last night. He/she was squirming, doing some acrobats and enjoying our talks. It was his/her strongest flutter last night. Usually, he/she is awake late in the evening, but now, I can feel him/her move late in the afternoon until late in the evening. It was a great feeling that a new life is growing in my womb. Certainly, a miracle of life and I love every little thing that comes from it.

On Monday next week, we'll be going to our ob for a routine check-up, I'll be 24 weeks by then. We're not sure if he will perform another ultrasound but we would like to have one. By October I will be having my 4d ultrasound around 28 weeks.

Watch out for my baby's update!


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