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Friday, October 01, 2004

3 more months to go

Our OB didn’t perform the ultrasound instead he asked me to lie down so he can check our baby’s heartbeat. Immediately when he put the doppler on my tummy, we heard his/her heartbeat at the rate of 150 BPM, like a galloping horse indeed. It’s perfect!

Things we discussed during our routine check-up

1. pros and cons of normal delivery and caesarian section. (we made the decision a long time ago, but it becomes stronger when we talk to our friends and ob)

2. Ballpark for normal and CS (roughly if will cost us around 78K(ThBaht)

3. If we could select a date and time of delivery incase of CS (We can choose for date and time, as long as he/she’s 38 ½ weeks)

4. Edema (nothing that he can do about it, if I don’t control my weight)

5. Pain on my lower abdomen (normal since the baby is growing and my tummy is expanding)

6. Glucose Test (I’ll have it done this coming Thursday, we’ll be there from 7AM until 10 AM, I wonder how excruciating it will be for me and my baby and to my hubby since he will accompany me.

7. Birth Plan (I have my birth plan already, I’ll just have to print it and submit it to my ob, one of our request is for my hubby to cut the cord


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