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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Green Snake

Judee called me around 3pm yesterday, jittery over a green snake. She saw it near her picture frame, while chatting w/ her sister over the net. I was frightened and wondering why the hell it happened since we live in a condominium. We’re on the 7th floor, they live on the 10th floor. She was trying to call the staff but nobody’s answering the phone, they were outside the building, because of the pest control, so she went down stairs still nervous. Four staff came to get the snake.

We immediately researched what a green snake can do. The snake measures around 12 inches long with slightly black or blue stripes. The body is thin.

We wonder how the snake got into their room. It’s good that she saw it or else she wouldn’t think that it’s possible to have a snake around her place. She has a child, and that makes us more paranoid.

That was a shocking experience


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