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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

A Rendezvous of 10 Sisterettes

9 sassy wifey + 1 fabulous bachelorette = 10 fun-loving sisterrettes in Bangkok

We met in Bangkok more than 2 years ago. Without the shilly-shally thingies we became acquaintance right from the start. We share the same interests. It was nice knowing them. The Nantiruj Sisterettes would regularly meet for an afternoon mirth and Brenda would bond with us even though she lives far from our place. Sometimes, we would schedule a get together with the Somerset Sisterettes and do some shopping at the nearest tiangge. Our first get-together was last Dec. 2003 at Hard Rock Cafe. In a way it was a kind of testing the waters. And yeah, it was a hit! From then on, we would always invite each other for birthday celebrations or simply to hang out. There were no dull moments with us, often times we'll end up past midnight when all are jaded.

Four sisterettes are now in Manila. But we keep in touch thru our e-group. Lenie has 2 kiddos (1 girl and 1 boy), Odess has one, Princess is TTC. Brenda will give birth anytime soon.

6 sisterettes still in Bangkok. Agnes will be flying back to Manila with her hubby, she will soon tie the knot. I'm 23wks pregnant, Nila and Judee both have 1 kid. May has 2 sons and our very own Agnes, the only diva in the group.

Nila's place and Somerset are our favorite rendezvous point.


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