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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Bringing back Memories

Hubby and I were reminiscing about his past love life the other night. I was teasing him about ACJ and the girl from J. It’s kinda odd to discuss it, yet, it’s funny how open we are to each other. We’ve discussed it a couple of times before, but I just love hearing it over and over again. I remember telling him about my favorite quote from Meet Joe Black.

Of course, we were discussing about our love life, how me met, and his first impressions when he fetched me at AIM in Makati, I nonchalantly smiled when I saw him and headed to Tagaytay where we had our first date. I just love watching how he eats, it was his first time to try “Kilawin na Tanigue” and he loved it! We were both actively dating that time and at some point, he thinks that he would just go back to the States without a girlfriend. Few days before Christmas when we went out again and had dinner at “Cloud Nine in Antipolo” we decided that we both want to give it a try, but the date was not ideal for us since #8 is our favorite number. So we decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend on Jan. 8, 2001. Hilarious isn’t it? Perfect place + Perfect time = idyllic in Cloud Nine. Yippee! I never thought that we’ll end up together.

After having this chat,we slept around between 2 and 3 am. Baby (inside my womb) was sleeping or probably enjoying how his/her parents first met.


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