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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Couple's Shower Party

We had the shower party for Rolex and Agnes last Saturday around 7PM. We arrived around 630PM since we picked-up the cake which was ready around that time. When we came to Somerset, Nila, Jovy and Judee were busy preparing the food and the place. The balloons were in place, they were busy cooking "Lumpiang Shanghai". Some of the sisterettes were watching the Thailand Open semi-final round. We decided to have dinner while waiting for the other sisterettes. They arrived around 9PM. had dinner and started with the games, hosted by Agnes.

The party was a blast! Games that we had were Charade, Word Jumble, Snap the strap, How long is your carrot and Ambush for Rolex and Agnes.
Kinky stuff
Rolex licked the b??bs on the cake, while Agnes licked the p???s on the cake. Yummy!!!
Hey, grow up! (hehehe)
After the gift-guessing game for Agnes, the group started to put some cake on each other. May and Denise's place looked like a disaster area with all the bits of cakes everywhere.

Hand in Hand
Everybody was cleaning the place after the messy cake got into our face and body. The place was a total chaos.
Watch out for pics. (Coming Soon!)


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