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Friday, March 03, 2006

Amazing Race and American Idol

We are loaded with shows to watch.

Amazing Race started last Tuesday and I was able to download it over the net since it isn't shown here. We watched it last night. I can't say who's my favorite right now but I'm glad that the ones that I don't like were the first to be eliminated.

American Idol has gone through the top 12, thankfully it is shown here on FOX Channel although the decision for the first 2 girls and 2 boys who will be eliminated is scheduled to air on Saturday. Got no choice but to download it again, I can't wait till Saturday for the result. There are 4 fantastic girls and 4 boys that I love to win. Their names are Ace, Taylor, Chris and Jose for the boys. The girls are Paris, Ayla, Katharine and Lisa.

Weather is changing. This morning it was sunny, now it's not. Hopefully on Sunday the weather is good since we will be watching the World Baseball Classic.

Have a great weekend.


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