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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Trip to Chiba

Yesterday we went to Chiba to visit my relatives. Chiba is about 45 minutes ride via rapid train. They fetched us at the station. My cousin from Manila arrived last Friday so it was a get-together with my 2 aunties and relatives. My cousin loves to cook and when we got there she prepared Sinigang na Baka and Mechado, both are Filipino dishes. She cooks well. The whole day was filled with chit-chatting and lots of eating. Rein was busy mingling with her 2 cousins {both boys}. They had so much planned for the day and the next day, they wanted us to sleepover but we just can't.

Around 9pm we dined at a Ramen House, the best in their place. It was yummy but I still prefer the one that we have here in Tokyo. We left a bit late, Rein was sleeping already. One of my cousins dropped us off in our place. Rein woke up and I gave her dinner. Hubby was tired too, they slept before midnight.

As for me, well, I scrapped until 5 am. Yep! I got 2 LOs for Bella Gypsy and posted it at the following sites TDC, SBB and Scrapgirls.


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