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Friday, February 10, 2006

Thai food dinner

Yesterday, I prepared 3 dishes of Thai food: Pork Belly with chinese kale, minced pork with holy basil and Chicken green curry. Whew! Not to mention the Pinoy style spaghetti for the 2 kiddos, Rein and Al-Al. It's quite hard to prepare Thai food, it's good that all ingredients are readily available in some Asian stores. It was our first time to host a dinner in Tokyo. I couldn't imagine hosting for more than 10 people with limited space.

Hubby likes the minced pork, of course, he loved it... he's my husband. Anyways, we had so much fun when we were having dinner. Yen and her son came late afternoon and I still had 1 dish left to cook so we couldn't talk so much. Rein had a good time with Al-Al and she was following him all the time. Both of them slept around 10PM. We were chit-chatting while watching news in Filipino and I forgot to serve the dessert.

I learned to cook Thai food when we lived in Thailand for almost 3 years and through some experiments from other friends. But, I still miss the authentic Thai food.


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