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Monday, February 06, 2006

Steelers won the Superbowl

Hubby's happy that his team won the Superbowl. I don't have a favorite team but I wanted the Seahawks to win since this is their debut in the Superbowl. We weren't able to watch the game live since Gaora sports does not have the rights to the live broadcast. They are scheduled to show it on Saturday afternoon. I bet hubby would have taken the morning off from work if they showed it live. He normally does this every Superbowl Sunday.

This is the last season of "The Bus" Jerome Bettis, one of hubby's favorite RBs. He's the reason why hubby likes the Steelers. He said this guy is the real deal. He was amazed by The Bus' brut strength, able to break multiple tackles most of the time, his asthma notwithstanding! A future Hall of Famer indeed.

On the defensive side of things, hubby likes Troy Polamalu. He's a very hard working Safety, and talk about that big hair :) He's like a hyperactive kid once the offense snaps the football. He indeed is a big factor in the Steel curtain defense.

Oh well, I have about a month and a half of undivided attention from hubby before he is again taken away from me by the world of Sports ;) F1 season starts mid-March and then MLB by April, then the Asian 9-ball tour, then the World Cup, then the World Pool championships, then back to the NFL.....hehehe good thing he's not much into the NBA.

As for me, I'm continuously improving on my digiscrapping and am planning to start reading hubby's Investment education stuff. He said it's not much Math anyway so better give it a try...


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