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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Amazing Race and Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives

The season premiere of DH, entitled "Next," aired last September 25, 2005 on ABC.

Synopsis: Mike finds Zach holding Susan hostage; Lynette interviews for a position at a top ad agency; Rex's mother (guest star Shirley Knight) arrives for his funeral; Gabrielle, feeling guilty, visits Carlos in jail.

Quotes from DH (1st Season)

Episode 01.07 - "Anything You Can Do"

Mrs. Huber:
"Competition. It means different things to different people. In Suburbia, it means keeping up with the Jones's. On Wisteria Lane, that means keeping up with Bree Van de Kamp. Everyone knew Bree had the nicest lawn in the neighborhood. And no one begrudged her this. No one, that is, except Martha Huber, whose own lawn paled in comparison. No matter how carefully she trimmed...or how lovingly she watered...or how generously she fertilized...the grass was always greener on the other side of the fenc

Episode 01.18 - "Children Will Listen"
Mary Alice: "Children come into the world with their own agendas. Some to brighten our days, some to test our patience, some to give us purpose, some to take care of us. Yes, when they come children change everything. Especially when they're not invited."

Amazing Race (Family Edition)

It's a race around the world as ten teams, all families of four, compete to be the first to arrive at the final destination and win $1 million. Along the way, the Teams will face a series of mental or phyiscal tasks before learning their next destination and will have to work on a limited travel budget in unfamiliar territory. This year's twist - the teams are families of four.

Phil Keoghan as host
Godlewski Family as contestants
Gaghan Family as contestants
Weaver Family as contestants
Black Family as contestants
Linz Family as contestants
Aiello Family as contestants
Paolo Family as contestants
Schroeder Family as contestants
Bransen Family as contestants

Note: We were able to download the Season 2 Episode 1 of DH and Amazing Race 8E1 through TSPY, Shows are not available here:(


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