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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Aidan's 2nd Birthday

Karen, May and Yours Truly
We attended Aidan's Birthday last Sunday. I met Aidan's Mom through N@W. May {another N@W} and her family came. Before reaching their door, we smelled the yummy food that she's cooking. Rein was so happy coz she got a playmate again although they don't like the same game. Rein managed to mingle and play a little with him. She was happy seeing sooo many toys in Aidan's room. She had a blast.

It's a small world after all... It's a small world after all. I'm singing this song coz it was indeed a small world for Archie and his high school classmate in Don Bosco Makati. After years of not seeing each other, they met during Aidan's Birthday. He was Aban's {Karen's hubby} former officemate. They were chit-chatting the whole time.

We were sooo full that time. Her spaghetti, lumpiang prito were all delicious, not to mention her Leche Flan.

I'd like to thank Karen and her family for attending Rein's Bday in Manila. They were leaving the next day but took time to drop by.
Papers by CG Essentials and SBB
Flower by Gina Miller
Beaded swirl and Crossed staples by 2peas


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