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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Rein's pedia appointment & first visit to the dentist

We visited Rein's pedia yesterday for her Measles vaccine. And also to check her skin since we noticed some rashes on her legs. Her back had some red spots and we didn't know yet if it's an allergy or chicken pox. I'm soo happy that her pedia is really good in english and he doesn't have any problems explaining things to me. He's very accomodating and would entertain any questions I have. I remember asking him about a toothbrush brand and a derma doctor for my hubby's skin problem. Even if my questions can be answered by common sense, he would still answer them. And every time I call him and asked some questions, I don't have to give him the details of who I am, he knows us already. Anyways, Rein was given the shot and some meds for the insect bite. Thank God, it's not chicken pox. She doesn't have the vaccine yet for that.

After her pedia visit, we had lunch near the place for her dentist appointment{HOKENJO} and came back before 2PM. People there knew that we couldn't speak nor write Japanese. So I asked the Manager at the 2nd floor if she could help us translate and answer all the questions since all forms are written in Japanese. She was soo helpful and stayed with us until Rein's check-up and she was explaining to me what the doctor was saying. I couldn't thank her enough. She told me to call her in the office if i need some help with regard to government papers.

Rein has some stain on her right tooth. They also taught me how to brush her teeth and to buy an extra toothbrush so she could hold on to it. I also asked them to use sealants for protection against plaque. It's not covered by our insurance so I paid 640 yen. Rein was crying the whole time coz she was sleepy.

This is quite long already, hehehe...But wait, I forgot to mention that we had a wonderful winter Friday night with Earth, Wind & Fire! We were surprised to see them about to perform on a Sports channel of all places. There was this Ice Skating show where the skaters were dancing to the tune of live EWF music. They played most of the songs we love: Reasons, Boogie Wonderland, September, That's the way of the world, etc. We won't get tired of listening to EWF. We're really hoping to see them live in concert here in Tokyo!! It was a blast!!!


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