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Monday, December 19, 2005

"Simbang Gabi" A Filipino Tradition

Simbang Gabi or Midnight Mass started last December 16. It has been a Filipino tradition to attend the pre-dawn mass for nine days ("novena") before the birth of Christ. It is believed that if you complete the mass, your wish will be granted. Not really sure if it's a hoax. I haven't done a nine days straight "simbang gabi" in my entire life. But still my wishes came true. Our church had the most beautiful lanterns. Since I studied in a Catholic School, there is a church just beside it. December was considered to be the busiest time in School. Contests in lantern making was one of the big events.

In the church, choirs were singing christmas songs and the atmosphere was so inviting. There were people selling "bibingka" (rice cake) and puto-bumbong with hot tea. I miss those things, it's good that I can buy bibingka at Shell Magallanes when we get to Manila.
Christmas in the Philippines is extra special.


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