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Friday, December 09, 2005

Ipod Nano 2 Ipod Nono

I had a nite-out with Rein in lieu of her 11 months celebration yesterday. It should have been the three of us but hubby had a party to attend. We planned to go to Shibuya but Rein slept in the afternoon around 3pm and woke up past 5. I decided to go somewhere near our place. I already bought her Santa Costume at Toys R Us and some chips. Had a light snack at McDonald's and then shopped around. I decided to have dinner at Denny's. They served sumptuous shrimp and broccoli salad with tartar sauce, pasta with lots of mushrooms and a chocolate ice cream which is sooo yummy. Anyways, I end up ordering a pasta with eggplant, "yuck!" for some people, but it tasted good. That was my first time to have pasta with eggplant.

Hubby texted me and he had quite a story to tell. I told him to discus it with me when he gets home. He fetched us at the mall where Rein was practicing walking with her stroller.

He told me this is what happened...

We had our group's end-of-year party last night at a restaurant near Tamachi JR station. The food was okay, we were served with crabs, sushi, shrimp and squid. But the best part was the ham! I was surprised that they served meat, a good one at that. And as always, in a Japanese after work dinner there was a lot of booze.

The main event of the evening was not the speeches that several people made about jobs well done, etc. but a Bingo game! Sounds corny? The first prize was an ipod Nano!! Yup, the ultra thin version of AAPL's (ooopppsss...that's Apple Computers for the uninitiated) latest gizmo. I know that the ipod video would have been better but the manager was a bit stingy.

The game started and quickly a couple of people already had "puro" as we call it in Manila. They needed only one number to win. They were asked to stand to heighten the excitement for both nearly winners and nearly losers. Knowing my luck with such games, I didn't even bother getting excited. But after a few more numbers were called, I suddenly found myself standing as well. By this time there were about 10 people waiting for their respective lucky number.

I needed "O 62" to win and it did not register right away when the number was called. Them I remeber telling myself "say BINGO, BINGO" and so I did. People initially clapped their hands but then realized that a Gaijin had won. Knowing Japanese patriotism, I sensed that they were not genuinely pleased by the result. But then another person shouted BINGO. It was the group's manager and he said our team leader's card also won! Then there were cat-calls and people saying the result was rigged..hahaha.

Our team leader, sensing that his win was controversial, handed me the ipod. But the rule is that in case of a tie, the winner will be decided by a rock-paper-scissors challenge. The people urged him to challenge me and I gamely obliged. The bad news was that I am not really the best bato-bato-piks player in the world. In fact my odds of winning against my wife is 1/5. But what the heck, I'm happy just being a winner. So as luck would have it, or the lack of it, I lost and our team leader got the prize.


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