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Friday, December 16, 2005

The Linz Family Finally Made It

It was a heart stopping finale for the Amazing Race Family Edition. Our bets were The Linzes and the Bransens. It was the first time that our pick from the start won the race. They deserved to win and I really admired the camaraderie of these siblings, not to mention the cuteness of Alex. They never quarreled during the race and it was like they were just having fun. They did not point fingers or blamed a family member if a wrong decision was made. It was really a team effort.

The ending was very creative. We had no clue that the North & Central America puzzle road block was the last hurdle leading to the finish. Nick Linz battled Wally Bransen in one of the most heart pounding, winner-take-all challenge ever in the Amazing Race.

Thanks to Torrentspy and especially to the person who uploaded it. We wouldn't be able to watch it if not for them. We look forward to AR 9 on February '06. It'll sure be another winner.


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