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Thursday, December 15, 2005

My Favorite Things for 2005

{These are my favorite things for the year 2005}

1. Diamond Earrings
2. Origins Incredible Spreadable Scrub
3. Gucci bag with Whipstitched Strap
4. What to expect, when your expecting and What to expect the first year
5. Stella Mc Cartney Perfume
6. Strawberry Lip Gloss from Body Shop
7. Coach Soho Mini Signature Bag
8. IBM Notebook
9. Gucci Envy Me
10. Body Shop Moisture Cream
11. Koboshi Pork Ramen
12. Pepperonni Pizza at Shakey's
13. Truffles and Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream from Godiva
14. Digital Scrapbook
15. Steak with french Onions at Sizzler
16. Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline Perfume {White}
17. Authentic Chinese Resto near our place
18. Che-ttos Crunchy
19. Gucci wallet with Signature Piston Closure
20. Bench Gummy Bear Cologne
21. Victoria Secret Strawberries and Champagne
22. Naturalizer Slip-on

23. Sr. Pedro {Chicken}
24. North Park
25. French Fries from Jollibee {Molino}


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