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Monday, November 07, 2005

{ Rein's Birthday Party update }

Rein's 1st birthday is fast approaching, I just realized today that I only have two months more to finalize everything for the big day. I've always been known for being a worrier, I just hope it would turn out the way I want it to be.

Things that need to be done ASAP:

1. Layout for the invites
2. Table Centerpieces final design
3. Favors/Souvenirs (lootbags or backpack)
4. Cake design (can't decide on cake suppliers, I've got a lot of recommendations)
5. Program (need to coordinate w/ our party manager)
6. Stage layout
7. Photo Mosaic submission

As of the moment, we requested our photographer (Nelwin Uy) for a soft copy of our contract to facilitate 50% dp. For our catering, we asked Cay(Bro's gf) to contact La Comida for the contract so she could deposit the downpayment.

I'm so preoccupied these days. I hope I could finish the book I'm reading and plan to read after that or else it would take ages. I can only do my things while she's sleeping. I do her scrapbook past 12 midnight til about 3am, sometimes hubby's still awake reading a novel by Vince Flynn.


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