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Friday, November 04, 2005

Our New Christmas Tree

We bought a new christmas tree yesterday. The old one that we got in Bangkok was so big (hypothetically). We've been looking for a not so expensive Christmas tree and gladly found one in Livin Department Store.

When I was single, our Christmas tradition is to put the tree on the first week of September (start of the "BER" months). My sister and I would clean the house and tree then put it all together. I would start buying gifts for my godchildren and family to fill the tree. When I got married, it was adapted by my new family. Archie and I would put the Christmas tree on my birthday or right after my birthday. September for him is kinda early.

Our Christmas motif for this year is Red and Gold. Last year it was Silver, being an OC (Obsessive Compulsive) and nostalgic person. Our holidays are extraordinary, especially now that we have a baby. I want her to remember every holiday from the day she was born. I would love to show her the scrapbook I made for her when the right time comes. Also, I would like to show it off to her kids so they would know the holidays that her mom's had and proudly say how she enjoyed growing up (that would be 30 years from now). Holidays are for kids and kids at heart. It's a fun thing to let them experience this.

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We enjoyed putting up the decors for our Christmas tree. Rein was so amazed with the colors. She hasn't tried to remove the decor yet, but for sure she soon will…hehehe

Got a terrible headache last night due to colds. Rain started to drizzle, good thing we were almost home.

On The Amazing Race, the Gaghan family was eliminated. I love this family. Their spirits were always high and they were very positive. Carissa, who's 9 years old, cried and couldn't speak at the pit stop. I can see that she loved the game and how she wanted to stay in the race.


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