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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Developmental Milestones

6th Month

* Hold head steady when sitting with my help
* Reach for and grasp objects
* Play with her toes
* Help hold the bottle during feeding
* Explore by mouthing and banging objects
* Move toys from one hand to another
* Shake a rattle
* Pull up to a sitting position on her own while I grasp her hands
* Sit with only a little support

* Bounce when held in a standing position
* Says Mama and Papa (Esp. Mama when crying)

* Starts to crawl

She loves to eat and will always accept whatever food you give her. She always smiles. Since we got here she waits for her papa to come home before she sleeps. They play together. She's friendly, When she's surrounded by kids she giggles and shows excitement. Her all-time favorite show is Sesame Street particularly "Elmocize".
If I want to take a bath, I play the cd and let her watch or else I won't be able to do anything.


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