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Friday, August 19, 2005

Developmental Milestones

7th Month
* Teething
* Says Mama and Papa clearly
* Says Lola (not so clear)
* Can hold drinking cup
* Enjoys playing Peek-a-boo
* Laughs out loud
* Stands while holding onto something
* Imitates speech sounds

My baby is anxious when she's away from me during the day, her concern will be compounded at bedtime. When she wakes up at night, even for a moment, she'll know I'm there, and will be vocal about trying to get my attention. The so-called "Separation Anxiety" is there already. Sometimes it's frustrating, I usually bring her when I do the laundry and sometimes when I'm cooking.
I know it will disappear. Only time will tell. It would be hard to teach her for now, since we share the same bed.


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