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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

What made me a Drama Queen?

Last October 7, 2004 while chatting w/ the Nantiruj Sisterettes, I burst into tears while explaining to them the result of my blood sugar. And how I felt when I told my hubby not to give me any present on my birthday because of the cost of my medicines. Despite that, we went to inquire for handbags at Chanel, Gucci, Salvatore, LV and Tod’s.

Yesterday, October 12, 2004, after going to the hospital we went straight to post office to send the parcel to my cousin in the States. I forgot to bring some scotch tape and pentel pen that made me angry, as the staff there didn't have any. Anyway, everything wasn't well. Hubby and I had a fight. He didn't like my attitude of being bossy. I was trying to control my emotions but I couldn't. I even told him to write on the box, as my hands were shaking. Guess I have to attend Anger Management or blame it on my hormones.


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