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Monday, January 16, 2006

A Stressful Day @ the Airport

It was THE most stressful travel day for us. We were hassled from check-in to boarding. First, our baggage reached 106+ kilos, we only had 50 kilos total allotment. We asked if they could accomodate the excess baggage since some people didn't have much to bring. But they didn't allow us and we were advised to pay 32,000++ pesos (@ $12/kilo). About the same price of a round-trip ticket to Tokyo. Worst thing was we didn't bring the cellphone. Archie called his father via a payphone and luckily he arrived back at the airport before our boarding time.

I forgot to bring the original marriage certificate for a Travel Tax discount, so I paid 1,600+. I have the photocopy but they were asking for the original one, I didn't want to argue with them about it since we were having a bad day already.

Rein pooped and was crying the whole time. And there were people who were on our flight but queued on the other NW flight since it was shorter. Then one of the staff put them in front of us that made us angry and hubby couldn't take it anymore and he talked to that person. And there went the NAIA personnel down to the Security Guard who power tripped. Some won't even help you even if you were carrying a baby and would bang on your car to vacate the temporary parking slot even if he saw you carrying a heavy baggage. Yan ang Pinoy!

Then upon arriving at Tokyo the weather was terrible. It was raining like there was a storm and it was very cold. Luckily, our aunt picked us up from the airport. If not we may all have gotten sick.


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