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Thursday, January 19, 2006

10 Days of Fun-filled Vacation in Manila

Jan. 4
Our flight was delayed due to Hydraulic Leak. We were behind our schedule for about 45 mins. Finally, we arrived in Manila past 12 midnight and we thought that our cellphone was working but it was not. So I asked hubby to ask someone if we could borrow his cellphone and use our sim card so we could make a call to my in-laws. We got home at around 2 am. On our way home we bought some food at Jollibee Shell at South Super Hi-way. Had a very late dinner and slept past 4am. When Rein saw her grandparents and auntie she was so quiet and just looked at them. After a few minutes when we got home, they carried her and she liked it and was playing with Hello Kitty dressed in a Santa Costume.

Jan. 5
Went to Duty Free to buy some chocolates for our family and prizes for Rein's Bday. Dined at "Little Quiapo” in BF Paranaque. Then proceeded to Alabang to have my hair done. I was also looking for Rein's shoes since most shoes available in Tokyo are for winter. While we were having our hair done, Rein was playing with her grandparents. It took us 2 hours to finish everything but she didn't cry the whole time she was with her grannies.

Jan. 6
A lot of things happened on our way to Manila. We had an ocular inspection at the Ramon Magsaysay in Roxas Blvd., had lunch at Emerald Chinese Restaurant and was stopped by a police for a violation (beating the red light). We were all busy trying to locate the place and we didn't notice the stop signal. We were talking to these two guys and the rest is history. Finally, we found Jollibee and discussed how we wanted the food and the time of delivery to RMH. We also made the 50% DP and got the toy freebies which we planned to include on the prizes. We went straight to Robinson's to buy gifts for my Sisterettes’ kiddos. I intended to buy stuff in Tokyo but all clothes are for winter. I love Gingersnaps and I bought all the gifts there. It was really a hectic day for us plus the thought of Rein's Birthday and the nitty-gritty of the party.

Jan. 7
Before going to Nila's House, we went to Elar's Lechon in QC for the DP and to buy some lechon for our friends. It's been a long time since we last see each other and I'm very grateful that we had the chance to mingle, update and chikka to the max. Our hubbys were outside (not playing poker) and girls were inside with the kids doing some updates and exchanging gifts. We left before 6pm to pick-up my MIL and dropped by at ATC to buy something for Rein. Last minute shopping for Rein's Big Day.

Jan. 8
I Woke up a bit early, very excited to take pictures of our li'l princess. I always wanted a Princess theme but decided against it since she can't enjoy being a princess and Elmo has a special place in her heart (Elmo was the first character that made her smile). Everything was set for the party and we left a bit early to check the place and see what's going on. I will make a separate email about her Birthday kwento and Suppliers’ ratings.

Jan. 9
Rein got sick since last night. I thought she was just tired but when we checked her temperature around 6am it was still 38.4. Archie rushed to Mercury Drug to buy some meds. The whole family rested and was constantly checking her condition. It was immediately gone after 1 dose of meds although I still called her pedia at Asian Hospital to check if she can still take the HIB3 vaccine or if we have to wait until she's fully recovered.

Jan. 10
We went to Sampaloc to visit Archie's favorite Aunt. Left before 3pm and went straight to our favorite hangout when we were still dating. Rockwell is so special to us and I have vivid memories of the times we spent there. During that time, only a few people knew of the place. I bought a gift for Archie and he opened it right away. He played billiards with my brother. And Lawrence (3rd sibling) accompanied us and bought some stuff. We had dinner at Dencio's (Archie's Fav) and went home past 10pm.

Jan. 11
We had our Annual check-in at the Renaissance Hotel to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary. It was so much fun now since we have Rein. People were asking if that was our 2nd honeymoon and I shrugged my shoulders and lifted my eyebrow. Times are hard and having a second baby is not our priority. Rein just turned 1 and I want to enjoy her toddlerhood.

Jan. 12
Whew! We were excited to see what breakfast buffet they have. During our stay at the Renaissance, Food has always been our top choice. My schoolmate from College still works at the said hotel and she was surprised to see our Baby. She helped us find a comfy table for our li'l one and was so helpful in attending to our needs.

Jan. 13
It was so relaxing to have a massage every week to de-stress and revitalize. I wish I could do it in Tokyo. The Spa in Alabang is a great place. The ambiance is so relaxing. They have the best masseuse and ginger tea. I still look forward to have a massage at The Spa and Lodge at Tagaytay Highlands.

Jan 14
Please refer to my Post dated January 16.


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