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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Wide awake and Sunday Bonding

We wanted to sleep early last night coz we planned to attend mass. Rein slept around 10pm but woke up before midnight, we tried to put her back to sleep but she was so lively and wanted to play, she was up until 2am. She was playing inside our room, humming and saying something. I was so sleepy that I forced her to go to bed and turned off the light.

Here comes Sunday. It was raining today and we actually planned to go to Shibuya to buy some extra winter clothes for us. Since it's raining, it would be harder for us to bring Rein outside considering the cold weather. We decided to stay home and just bond with each other with this weather.

We had bacon, eggs and garlic fried rice for brunch. It was hubby's favorite breakfast. Bacon here tastes really good with very little fat. Just tonight I went to the grocery since I realized we didn't have canola oil and bought some pork for our pork steak tomorrow. It was so cold outside, I was wearing 3 clothes already but there's still a pang of coldness inside.

The day just passed by. Tomorrow is another day.


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