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Thursday, November 17, 2005

On Lost and DH

We've been watching LOST (Season 1) since Tuesday night, thanks to Albert for the files. I have no plans of watching it on a weeknight since we will end up finishing the series. Last Tuesday, after watching Desperate Housewives, hubby asked me to watch Lost with him. So I gave in and we watched 3 episodes and slept a few minutes past 1am. We are way behind the schedule of Lost since they're now on Season 2. For sure we'll watch again tonight and try to finish it during the weekend to catch up. We're on Episode 7.

On Desperate Housewives
George is such a loser. He surprised Bree by blindfolding her and showing her the new house he's just bought - which he hopes she'll move into with him. He then springs his mother on her, and a ring! Flustered with his mother looking on, Bree reluctantly says yes. Later, her psychiatrist, Dr. Goldfine, advises her not to marry George just to be polite, since she doesn't really love him. It's like a shot gun wedding.

On Lost
I had qualms while I was watching it. First, I thought of Stephen King’s set-up on Dreamcatcher (how good it was but then failed to deliver at the end, maybe it’s just the movie) and some Twilight Zone episodes. It's merely about Surviving after a plane crash. But hubby says that the interesting part is knowing what the lives of these people were like before the crash and if there’s something in common among all of them (kinda like the movie Identity). I can't tell you more about the series since we have a lot more episodes to watch.


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