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Friday, November 12, 2004

Our cheese has been moved...

After almost 3 years of living in Bangkok, we're finally saying our goodbyes. Right after we got married last January 2002, and after spending our honeymoon abroad, we were asked to come here, initially it was a 3 months contract and 3 months lead to almost 3 years. Our life together as one started here. We didn't adjust much with each other and we enjoyed the roller coaster ride.

Living in Bangkok is fun especially if you have friends (sisterettes) around you. It's so sad that I will be leaving soon. And only 5 will be left in Bangkok. But this is the nature of our husbands’ job. I will certainly miss their company.

I have a lot of things to be thankful for. One of those is having a baby made in Koh Samui, Thailand. She was supposed to be delivered here and we were preparing for her baby stuff since early November. But since we're going back home, I'm sure she will enjoy the company of our families and friends. They are wishing that she would be delivered in Manila.

Second. Blessing from God. We've been requesting a lot from him and although our last request of staying here for another month didn't happen, we believe that he has his own reason. We trust his decision and pray that everything goes well.

Third. For my husband's hard work, understanding, patience, kindness and sweetness. I couldn't ask for more. Our baby Rein is lucky to have him as her father.

Space is not enough to list all the wonderful things that had happened to us on our stay here, of course, there were bad times too. It's part of our lives, isn't it?

We're scheduled to leave on Dec. 1, 2004. It’s a Wednesday, a glorious day and my sister in law’s birthday. We are looking forward to seeing our families and friends and to again taste authentic Filipino food!!

Bangkok is a big part of our history.

What about you? Who moved your cheese?


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