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Thursday, November 04, 2004

29 and Expecting (a Flashback)

I was born on October 28, 1975 at 4:50 am. Weighing 6.4 pounds. Mom was 21 years old and Dad was 20 years old. Attending Physician was Dr. E. Claros. Mom said she was on labor for 2 hours. Dad accompanied her in the hospital. Although Dad wasn't able to join her in the operating room. He waited at the Daddy's Waiting Room. When the Doctor announced they were having a Baby Girl and that the operation went smoothly, dad was ecstatic. Mom had a normal delivery. She breastfed me until I reached 1 year old.

During the first few weeks at home, Mom said I always cried in the middle of the night and they would bring me to the hospital to check my vitals. Funny though, I was always hungry and would always want to be cuddle. Mom was the only person that I want to be carried by. I'm very much closer to her. My grandmother would always buy me some clothes and shoes. I remember making poo-poo at my Dad's chest when he was playing w/ me.

Growing up was full of fun and excitement especially for someone who loves to explore. We used to go to Luneta, CCP and Manila Zoo every weekend with my family and every Sunday at 9 am we would always go to the Church together and buy some kakanin and lechon after the mass. When I was 5, until 7 years old, I still recall wearing panties and sando and was playing in front of our house. I still remember how to play Step NO, Piko, Patintero, tumbang preso, doctor quack-quack, langit lupa, London bridge is falling down. Street-smart perhaps. Since my cousins live nearby, we usually play at our house or vice versa. Usually we play teacher-teacheran, luto-lutuan, carnival and taguan. Those were the days! Remembering my childhood makes me giggle. And makes me want to go back to enjoy more. When you were a kid, you want to grow old. When you grow old, you want to go back to being a kid and just enjoying every bit of it.

When I started my pre-school under Ms. Quiray, Mom was there all the time at the Parent's corner. I didn't want her to leave me, so I would always look at her and if I didn't see her I would cry and the whole class was distracted only to find out that mom went to the bathroom. Hehehe

During Kindergarten, mom dropped me at school, but I wasn't afraid anymore if she leaves me. I have a short hair at that time and would always want to have my lunch box packed with goodies and my favorite Hi-C Orange.

I've learned a lot from those years in HCCS.


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