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Friday, July 02, 2004

Journey through my Pregnancy


Changes I have noticed about my body? Not much at this stage, great huh? Although I encountered some minor problems at the end of my 1st trimester, I had a minor bleeding and want to go to the hospital, the doctor said it’s normal at this stage. I was so stressed because my grand father passed away and I was thinking of him the whole time.

My food preferences, hmmm.... pinoy food such as ripe and green mango, sinigang na baka, sinigang sa miso, lechon, halo-halo, food from Dencio’s, North Park, Jollibee, Aristocrat, Dampa and a lot more. Since we are living in Bangkok, I enjoy eating tom yum kung, mango salad and some thai food. I also prepare my own food, the ones I love to eat, such as adobo, sinigang, daing na bangus,etc. And I'm still trying to find a ripe mango which is impossible, I don't like their mangoes here.

Foods and drinks I cannot tolerate?? None at all! Which is good.

I am excited about my next ultrasound, so we can see our baby again, it’s the only way for us to see our baby. I’m excited to do my birth announcement, christening and birthday invites for my baby. I’m excited to cuddle and nurse our baby. I’m a happy mum. I wanted to buy something similar to a Doppler so we can hear our baby’s heartbeat, but I guess i'll get paranoid if I don’t hear her/his hearbeat.

I am feeling anxious about my husband’s contract which is scheduled to end this coming September, we really want to give birth here in Bangkok. Que sera, sera... We believe that God has a good plan for us, although I want to go home since most of our loved ones are there and I miss the food. We have to save a lot, and also I’m worried and sometimes paranoid if I see some blood or something yellowish in my undie, but our OB confirms that it’s part of the pregnancy thingie.


Interesting things I have learned or been told by others? I appreciate every little thing that was said to me especially about nursing a baby. I’ve learned that I should bathe my baby the modern way not the traditional which I was used too. Not to buy large size of baby’s toiletries, to breastfeed my baby every two hours and until he/she reach the age of one. But of course, it depends on my supply. A lot of people have been saying that I should play classical music and read books to my baby. which we were doing ever since we found out that we're pregnant.

Some good advice I received from My Mom was to look after my child, to teach him/her the values she’d impart on us and try to be the best friend of my child. She told me how to nurse my baby. If she can, she wants to take care of our baby, but she’s working abroad right now. Our baby is my mom’s first grandchild.