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Friday, May 28, 2004

My Pregrancy Journal

May 27,2004 @ 5PM (Thursday)

I went out with Brenda and Agnes at Central Chitlom to do some shopping since I was scheduled to leave Bangkok on Sunday. Brenda was doing her Baby shopping and we were helping her. After shopping, they convinced me to buy a Home Pregnancy Test just to make sure and for me to stop thinking. When we arrived at our place between 4 and 5 p.m., I informed them that if I shouted it means I'm pregnant, if not then I'm not.

I went to our bathroom and stayed seated on our bowl for a while, I wasn’t thinking of the positive result at all, since I know I was not ovulating. I freaked out when I saw the result. As in FREAKED OUT!!!! I CAN’T EVEN SHOUT!!!! I heard Agnes saying something like why I didn’t shout, when I went out of the bathroom I wasn't really sure if it's true. I was speechless, I was crying then. I immediately called my husband to inform him about the result. I know he was happy but then again he wants to make sure. I was crying to him. We both didn’t expect it since we were advised to go back to our OB for fertility work-ups. We are so happy and blessed to have it done naturally.

May 29,2004 (Saturday)

Our life has changed right after we found out that we’re pregnant. Now, I have to take care of myself (more), have to eat right and on time for the baby, limit the stress in my life.

We went to Central Chitlom to buy some maternity bras and panties at Marks & Spencer, and then we went to Asia Books at Siam Discovery to buy a book for our baby. I bought our first Baby Journal and What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

May 30,2004 (Sunday)

Sunday, I woke up early feeling hungry and started cooking our lunch. We had “Sinigang na Baka” yummy!!! After lunch I started reading the book that I bought and slept around 3PM. I woke up around 4:30PM and took a bath. We went to the church, offered a thanksgiving mass for next week and thank God over and over again. We were home around 6:30PM I ate my dinner while Archie’s watching the F1 race.